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Watercolour Illustrations

So in the last 2 weeks I’ve been practicing with watercolours since I’ve never been that great with traditional media.  A couple of weeks back I asked a friend of mine (who is rather good at watercolours) to teach me how she does it.  After a  lesson of showing me techniques and what materials to use I haven’t stopped banging out these illustrations since.  Hopefully I’ll make these into a series and sell some prints once I get enough illustrations finished *crosses fingers*, here’s hoping :).  Just a short post this week on some illustration stuff which I haven’t posted about for a while, hope you enjoyed it and will see you next time (not literally) :).

Sorry for the late update!! Here have some illustrations

Hi guy!!  Sorry for the late update, due to life in general last week has been a bit of a downer so I hadn’t prepared anything to upload.  BUT can’t stay down forever, NO we’ll kick it in the ass and show it the door.  So as for not uploading last week it’s a double post this week!!  I’ll post up a few illustrations I have been working on in the last couple of days and the next post….well you’ll just have to wait and see.  So without further ado here’s the latest illustrations.

That’s all for now but will upload again very soon within the next few days 🙂

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