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Food in Perth review: “Beluga”, “The Avairy” and “Sherbert”

For the holidays this season I went back home to Perth for a while to spend some time with the friends and family.  Once I returned I was lucky enough to be invited to dine at some new restaurants, well new to me at least :).  One of them was called Beluga located within the Claremont Quarter quite close to KOKO black.  A fine dinning restaurant with a lovely interior, top notch staff and food which was to die for.  We went in a group so we ordered a few entrees to share so we could try all the different varieties.  We ended up ordering the gnocchi, braised clams, stuffed zucchini flowers (which were amazing!) and the tortellini.  The stand out was the clams and stuffed zucchini flowers however the gnocchi and the tortellini was good but nothing to scream about.  Mains were a bit touch and go, some were incredibly delicious and some just didn’t make the mark.  For example the Pork Belly which I ordered was not crispy, meat was dry and the crackling was chewy.  A chilli mussle broth, whilst the mussels were tasty the sauce was watery and bland.  If you were to order a side of bread to dip into the sauce I honestly wouldn’t bother as the bread itself would taste better by itself.  A lamb shoulder which was mouth-watering, seasoned nicely with herbs and lemon rind, marinated, slow cooked to perfection and was just divine.  A Duck confit with a lovely salad which I thought was the best dish of all, and some Barramundi fish sticks accompanied with celeriac on top.  Don’t be perturbed by the name of the dish, it was a lovely, tasty and light, although the serving size was a bit small it was still very nice.  All in all it was a good experience, I would say definitely give it a go, prices average about $30 for a main and about $20 for an entree depending on what you order.


Stuffed zucchini flower



Lamb shoulder

Pork belly

Duck confit

Chilli mussles

Baramundi fish sticks

Next place I tried out was the fairly new ‘The Avairy’, a roof top bar and restaurant. Very nicely designed so extra points from me (I’m a sucker for a good interior) , unfortunately I only partially saw some of the Aviary as my friend and I decided to eat on the roof top bar area.  Lovely setup with faux grass, colourful stools, undercover bar, plenty of room and a great view the atmosphere and ambience of the place is ideal for some drinks after work and/or lunch date.  We sat down and proceeded to look through the menu, although alot of dishes didn’t seem to stand out it seemed it was your typical run of the mill kind of stuff.  Alot of pizzas, steak sandwiches, salads, the usual but a little more directed to the upmarket crowd.  We decided on a salad and a pizza in the end and got ourselves a lovely pear cider to sip on in the 35 degree weather.  Our salad came out first, an apple smoked chicken with mixed lettuce, candied walnuts, crutons and prosciutto and an array of other ingredients, it was quite delicious and surprisingly filling although my only qualm would be the presentation of the salad could do with some work.  Next came our chorizo with rosemary, and potato pizza garnished with fresh rocquette on top.  A lovely thin pizza with what tasted like a white sauce for a base instead of your usual tomato base, with sparing ingredients the pizza was also a tasty dish.  My overall opinion of this place is good food and great atmosphere although a little pricey for what you get.

Rosemary and potato pizza

Smoked chicken and candied walnut salad

Last destination was a bakery located in Maylands called Sherbert.  I met up with another friend at this quaint little cafe with cakes leaning more towards your older traditional and simpler styled baked goods.   I had the lemon and carrot cupcake and my friend had a nice cake with a passion fruit icing on top (I couldn’t remember exactly what cake she bought).  The cupcake itself was quite nice although the icing on top was a bit too sweet and overpowering, when i bit the 2 together all I could really taste was the icing and not the cupcake base which was quite nice by itself.  My friend’s cake was very good, even though the icing is spread thin it still has a definite kick to it.  The ratio of cake to icing was just right making this a perfect cake for a cup of tea.  Extra points for serving on cute little decorative plates and cudos to the excellent and fast customer service.

Lemon and carrot cupcake

Perth food, you did not disappoint and I look forward to returning to you to try more of your delicious delights, plus friends and family are a good thing too 🙂


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