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So after a wonderful stay in Yakushima we took the Jetfoil (ferry boat) to Kagoshima and briefly stayed there for 2 days and spent our time just eating and relaxing.  After our short stay we flew back to Tokyo for a couple of days, making trips to the Tsukiji fish market in the morning and some last minute shopping before hopping on a plane to jet to Singapore for 10 days to see friends and family.

Singapore was great besides the hot and humid weather, we visited all the relatives we hadn’t seen in years and had a good time catching up with the entire family.  Alot of the time was also spent shopping, eating and checking out all the new attractions Singapore had to offer, such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands shopping centre.  I didn’t enjoy the Marina Bay Sands shopping much as it wasn’t really wasn’t up my alley but the interior was very nice with an open glass design with several storeys of shops, an indoor ice rink and mini gondola rides around an indoor fountain.  It was nice to look at but I don’t think I’ll be going back there again anytime soon.

Gardens by the Bay on the other hand was a whole different story.  We started at the Cloud Forest, a gigantic green house that was filled with all different types of flora which included an indoor waterfall and several other water features along with an educational theatre and media centre explaining a little about the park and giving information about environmental awareness.  We also stopped by the Flower dome (another greenhouse) which was equally impressive with flowers from all over the world all categorised by their environment and also enjoyed the easter themed decorations through out parts of the garden.

Besides the domes there are other attractions around the park and also be sure to hang around when nightfall hits as the park lights up like a forest out of AVATAR.

I also managed to catch up with a friend who took me out to see Dempsey Hill, a popular area occupied by small boutique shops, art galleries, cafes, restaurants and more.  Known for it’s lux dining it had a hip culture feel to it with a majority of the visitors being young men and women in their early 20’s to late 30’s.  Definitely take some time to stop over by this place especially if you are partial to cool cafes, some ritzy dining and arty bits an bobs.

Besides Dempsey Hill my friend took me to all sorts of other places like art exhibitions, cool cafes, popular night spots and what not and just generally showing me all the sights Singapore had to offer.

Singapore is definitely a place where no matter how many times I go I can always go back for more and I’m glad that the trip ended with this being our last stop.  Well that wraps it up, hope you enjoyed my little adventure posts and I hope they have helped you with any future plans to visit Japan or just enjoying the posts themselves.  Next week it’ll be something different so until then ;).


Singapore style

Whilst I was in Singapore I was interested to see what the younger generation’s fashion trends were like so I snuck in a couple of street shot’s.

a group of 'hipsters'

I managed to walk the streets and caught a glimpse of some fancy threads but of course I was too shy to ask for a photo so instead I decided to doodle them down.  Below are some out fits which I managed to sketch down.

some sketches of outfits on streets of s'pore

Singapore had alot to offer fashion and style wise but I still need to gain the confidence in asking total strangers if I could take their photograph, so until then I’ll keep sniper shooting them or just doodle on paper.

High Tea review – Raffles Hotel Singapore

So as some already know I have just returned from Singapore and while I was there I was recommended to try the high tea at the Raffles Hotel.  I’m usually not one for hotel high teas as they seem to sort of be more for the masses instead of just focusing on the customers as I’m a big fan of good customer service.  Anyways back on topic the venue was inside the Raffles Hotel (duh!).  Besides the poor signage to where the actual tea room is you are sort of left wondering the grounds of this grand hotel, and I do mean GRAND!  Marble floors, white pillars and chandeliers this place just screams grandeur.  It’s very fancy and very pretty almost like you’re having high tea at a palace.  So after you walk around these amazing grounds, possibly several times just to find the lobby to ask where the tea room is (or in this case maybe it’s just my poor sense of direction) you’ll eventually come to the “Tiffin” room.  Now you can’t just go in and request high tea, you will have to make an appointment and come back, luckily there was room for me on that day so I quickly snatched it up and booked for a 3 o’clock slot.  Came back after a bit of a wonder round and there was a line to be seated.  Didn’t take to long for the waiter, who was very nicely dressed, to usher you to your seat before asking you about what tea you would like first and explaining the buffet options you have.

The buffet options were composed of a fruit platter section, a savoury section, and a sweets section.  The fruit platter offered dragon fruit, grape fruit, apples and oranges and pineapple, a good range to wash the platter after you have consumed all their lovely sweet treats.  And speaking of sweet treats the buffet range was amazing, apple crumble with a vanilla sauce, bread and butter pudding, chocolate mousse with caramalised pear and ginger, pear with candied lemon cake, scones and a chocolate pear and coffee cake.  There was more but these seemed to stand out more than the rest.  My absolute favourite would have to be the apple crumble and the bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce, absolutely amazing, I’d go back again just to have those two things.  Savory section consisted of a few dimsum favorites such as tsu mai, prawn dumplings, and a couple of others along with a mini cha siew bao (meat bun) with an array of sauce to choose from.  Although it was nice to have the dim sum as an alternative they tasted rather plain, and the dim sum had been out in the air to long and had formed a sort of sticky hard shell over it.  Anyone who has had proper dim sum knows that freshly steamed is the only way to go and at no point should the skin be hard.

buffet savory

buffet desserts

So that was only the buffet section, I havent even started on the tier they provide you with yet.  Well after coming back from the buffet section, low and behold your tier is all set up for you on your table with a brand new cup of tea just waiting for you (wow I love this service).  So on your tier, though it is rather simple is petite fours (strawberry with a nut base in a pastry cup and chocolate filled profiteroles with a cherry inside (very good!).  On the second tier you have some nice tea cakes, fruit and sponge slices.  The sponge was a little dry and nothing to scream about but their fruit loaf was amazing, chunky bits of juicy fruit and nuts, absolutely smashing with a cup of english or earl grey, YUM! The last tier was by far the most disappointing out of the whole lot.  We were given a selection of sandwiches, tuna and mayo, egg, cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese and ham.  The bread was stale, the egg sandwiches tasted fishy, there were shells in the egg as well and over all did not enjoy any of them.

3 tiers, tier 1 petite fours, tier 2 tea cakes, tier 3 sandwiches

Selection of teas was a little poor with only 4 kinds of tea, darjeeling, english breakfast, earl grey and green tea but you  get unlimited tea and they always make sure you’re topped up.  I forgot to mention the scones earlier on but there were 2 kinds, one plain and the other with sultanas through them.  The scones were quite good, not the best but still good and they served them with a choice of strawberry jam and/or clotted cream.  I will say I much prefer clotted cream now that I have actually had it to your normal cream.  With a thick luscious almost buttery like texture with the right scones I believe you’ll be in heaven.

My overall experience I would recommend going here for high tea if you have the cash, bit pricey at $62.00, but still worth it. Service is amazing, providing excellent explanations, always making sure you are comfortable and in need of refreshments without being over bearing.  Desserts are scrumptious, atmosphere is great (they had a classical harp musician performing for us, felt like heaven) besides the poor savory and  the slightly snobby crowd I had a very rewarding high tea experience.

A good review after a good meal

Return from singapore

Hello guys! Hope you have all been having as great a week as I have.  I have just recently returned from Singapore after a week of exploring, discoveries, and massive amounts of shopping.

Singapore is a wonderful country, full of friendly people, fantastic food and loads and loads of great buys.  Currently the exchange rate for the aussie dollar is really good so I managed to grab alot of bargains which I wouldn’t usually get because it was a bit too expensive, so in the next few posts I’ll be updating all my latest hauls which include clothes, make up and some books and will be going through a few food reviews as well as showing a little side of the style in singapore.  There’s lots to update so I’ll be doing it in bits and pieces just so you guys don’t get an overload.  In the meantime I’ll put up some happy snaps from the trip so enjoy and I’ll be posting again soon.

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