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Food photography shoot with Sab and Chisa

A few weekends ago I had another food photography shoot with the 2 incredibly talented photographers, Chisa from chigarden and Sabrina from Sabatomic.  The subject we shot was a variety of tarts which we prepped, styled and photographed on location at Chisa’s lovely light filled home.  The tart shells were premade a day before so shooting time was much shorter than our last group shoot.  Fillings included a lemon curd made by Sabrina, a light cream cheese filling made by myself and a dark and white chocolate ganache made by Chisa.  We had a creme anglaise (pouring custard) but unfortunately that one didn’t work out but we still managed to get a variety of shots on the day.  For decoration we used a series of mixed berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with some mint for garnish which went well with all the tarts.  Overall a successful and fun photo shoot not to mention delicious!  Here’s some of the shots from the day and hope you enjoy them.


Rainbow Make up Impromptu shoot

Last weekend I was invited to a photo shoot organised by aLauren Payne, an MUA (make up artist) I had wanted to work with.  Initially it was just to catch up and talk briefly about availability and make up styling, but at the last minute I decided to take part in the group shoot.  The theme was “rainbow” and most of the looks were incredibly colourful, dramatic and overtop, which was exactly the kind of look that I needed.  I arrived quite late in the day so I quickly setup some basic lighting and grabbed all the models who weren’t busy and did some quick close up beauty shots.  Heres some shots from the day, thanks to all the models and make up artists who took part in all this and we’ll see you next time 🙂


So after a month long vacation I’m finally back from my trip to Japan with a stop over in Singapore for a week.   I have so many updates for you guys, the biggest one being my recent (well not that recent) move back to Perth Australia my hometown.  The move was 2 weeks before the holiday so please excuse the lack of posts as life has just been a whirlwind of moving and shaking.

For the next few weeks I’ll be posting about my trip to Japan focusing on the places which I have visited which I will give a more indepth description of what I did at each place.  For this place it’ll be a little overall info about where I went and some of the highlights from each place, just so I don’t leave you guys hanging.

So my journey started in Tokyo for a week then I went onto Yudanaka, then onto to Nagoya, Shirakawago and then onto Kyoto followed by Osaka, Koyasan, Yakushima (The forest island that inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke forest), Kagoshima and lastly finishing up in Tokyo once more.  After that it was Singapore for a week and back home to Perth.  I must say I mostly enjoyed the quieter areas of Japan better than the more popular touristy areas such as Tokyo and Osaka.  I used to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy crowds but I think as I’ve gotten older the constant pushing and shoving tends to rile the nerves a little bit.  Don’t get me wrong it’s still a great place to visit but for those that enjoy a little more of a slower paced holiday I suggest you start in Kyoto before you make a move to Tokyo.

That’s all for today’s post, stay in touch for more updates about the Japan trip (again sorry for all the delays).  Next post will focusing on Tokyo, my first travel spot.

Snow Queen Shoot

Some time late last year I did a photoshoot inspired by the story of the ‘Snow Queen’.  Originally this shoot was supposed to take place in autumn last year but due to the other photographers and models busy schedule I had to shift the shooting time to later in December.  Along the way a few things needed to be altered to the design/concept since originally I had come up with the idea in autumn, the concept consisted of more layers, furs, jewellery and such.   Unfortunately since the shoot was moved to December (which by then we were experiencing summer) alterations had to be made to the initial idea so I had to come up with a new substitute for the shoot.  Over the last weeks of putting everything together we finally did the shoot on a lovely hot 36 degree day and after several hours of make up and styling we got our shots in under an hour.

Thanks goes to Siera who was my lovely model and to the incredible Marina Pi who did the hair and make up on the day.

Phew it was a long day but had lots of fun with great company and good times.  Below are some BTS shots as well as the final shots from the day.  Enjoy!!!

The very first image is the concept for the snow queen’s make up and feel, digital artwork done by myself for make up artists reference.

Gothic Shoot

Hello everyone and happy holidays!  I hope your looking forward to them as much as I have.  It’s been a busy 3 weeks with one shoot after the next but it’s all been worth it.

About 2 weeks ago I shot a gothic themed shoot with an elegant, aristocratic vampire feel in mind.  Probably not the best idea shooting in summer but luckily we copt a break as the maximum on the day was about 24 degrees so it wasn’t too bad.  This shoot was done straight after the “Mori Kei” shoot which was it’s polar opposite so lighting, make up, wardrobe was significantly different from the week before.  For those who may not be familiar with the whole gothic/aristocrat style it basically consists of dark colours, simple designs with delicate detailing such as ruffles or lace trimmings and heavily pulls influence from the Neo-gothic period or AKA the Victorian Gothic period.  Make up was done by the ever talented Anna who I have worked with several times and mentioned most likely quite a bit on this blog and models are Julianne and Jorge.  Thanks to this wonderful team for making this shoot possible and now onto the lucky last one which I’ll most likely post a little later due to christmas.  Have a happy holidays!

Mori Kei shoot part: 2

Hello again, so as promised I have finished the last lot of the shots from the “Mori Kei” shoot.  I must say alot of work and prep went into this shoot but in the end I couldn’t be happier with the result.  Thanks goes out to my friends Magdalene and Teagan for helping me with this shoot, this would have not been possible without you guys.  If you missed the last blog post about the “Mori Kei” fashion style you can check it out here which will give you a better grasp of what Mori Kei is and what it consists of as well as part 1 of the Mori Kei shoot.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

Mori Kei Photo shoot Part:1

Been a busy last few weeks as I’ve had 2 consecutive photo shoots over the 2 weekends and I have only now just finished processing the first shoot now.  The first shoot which was on the weekend before last was inspired by the japanese fashion style called “Mori Kei” which loosely translates into ‘forest style’.  The Mori style is loose, light and airy using many soft muted colours that mostly come from the earthy colour spectrum such as light moss greens, pale blues, creams and so on with natural textures such as wool, cotton, leather other natural fabrics.  After prepping for close to 2 months, securing models, styling, sourcing clothes and finding the right location I’m very happy with the result and hope you guys are too ;).  Here’s some shots from the shoot, part one for now, second part to be up next week :).

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