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Open house Perth

Late last year I attended Open House Perth which is an event that allows access to areas and buildings that are usually out of bounds to the general public.  I went around with a friend and her husband but due to time constraints and distance to each location I had to call it quits a little earlier than I had wanted to.  The buildings I did manage to visit were the ABC building, the Gotham Studios, Mountford Architects, Foundation Housing, La Petite Galerie, Perth City Farm, Boan’s Warehouse Apartments and Kensington Apartments.  I didn’t take too many photos of the properties as it was a little too crowded and some I just simply forgot, however I did dwell at one location for a very long time and had a nice chat to the residents at Gotham Studios.

Gotham Studios is located in the Cultural Centre of Perth and houses several artists specialising in different fields.  Upon arriving I was a little unsure if you were allowed access to the artist studios or if you were to simply observe from a far.  After wrangling up the nerve to ask most of the artists were quite happy for you to come in and have a sticky beak ( ‘look around’ for those who aren’t from Australia ) and tell you a little about themselves and what they do.  Most artists kindly showed off their works and were happy to inform me about their creations as well as give a little insight to how their works were made and how they had come to occupy the art space.  During our conversations I took photos of their walls, books, objects, work spaces and visual diaries filled with references as I found their work process and explanations incredibly interesting.  Each studio like the artist differed greatly from one to the other and it was an interesting experience to step into another artists space besides my own.

Overall the event was very fun and informative and I’ll be definitely attending Perth Open House next year, but next time round I’ll have to plan out my schedule a little better and wake up much earlier.

Food photography shoot with Sab and Chisa

A few weekends ago I had another food photography shoot with the 2 incredibly talented photographers, Chisa from chigarden and Sabrina from Sabatomic.  The subject we shot was a variety of tarts which we prepped, styled and photographed on location at Chisa’s lovely light filled home.  The tart shells were premade a day before so shooting time was much shorter than our last group shoot.  Fillings included a lemon curd made by Sabrina, a light cream cheese filling made by myself and a dark and white chocolate ganache made by Chisa.  We had a creme anglaise (pouring custard) but unfortunately that one didn’t work out but we still managed to get a variety of shots on the day.  For decoration we used a series of mixed berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with some mint for garnish which went well with all the tarts.  Overall a successful and fun photo shoot not to mention delicious!  Here’s some of the shots from the day and hope you enjoy them.

Rainbow Make up Impromptu shoot

Last weekend I was invited to a photo shoot organised by aLauren Payne, an MUA (make up artist) I had wanted to work with.  Initially it was just to catch up and talk briefly about availability and make up styling, but at the last minute I decided to take part in the group shoot.  The theme was “rainbow” and most of the looks were incredibly colourful, dramatic and overtop, which was exactly the kind of look that I needed.  I arrived quite late in the day so I quickly setup some basic lighting and grabbed all the models who weren’t busy and did some quick close up beauty shots.  Heres some shots from the day, thanks to all the models and make up artists who took part in all this and we’ll see you next time 🙂

Easter times, food and birthdays

During the easter holiday I went back home to Perth to visit friends and family, whilst there I was invited to my friend’s restaurant/cafe called Marumo which does both fish and chips and a special Omakase (Chef’s Selection) menu.  Now the Omakase is only available through bookings so for your reference be sure to book in advance by at least 2 days if you decide to dine here.   Below are some pictures of the courses we received along with the menu of what they were offering on the night.

Besides catching up with awesome friends and eating great food a friend and I who celebrate a mutual birthday date were surprised when out comes a belated birthday cake.  Green tea flavored of course so not to break the theme of the night :).

So after only a few sun filled days of spending time with family and friends I hopped on back to Melbourne, welcomed by 13 degree weather MAXIMUM mind you, pelting rain, cold nights and chilly mornings.  Oh Melbourne, Y U NO HAVE even weather pattern?!

For more information on Marumo please visit their facebook page or check em out on  Also I’ll be going back to normal updating times so no more irregular postings through out the week guys.

Food in Perth review: “Beluga”, “The Avairy” and “Sherbert”

For the holidays this season I went back home to Perth for a while to spend some time with the friends and family.  Once I returned I was lucky enough to be invited to dine at some new restaurants, well new to me at least :).  One of them was called Beluga located within the Claremont Quarter quite close to KOKO black.  A fine dinning restaurant with a lovely interior, top notch staff and food which was to die for.  We went in a group so we ordered a few entrees to share so we could try all the different varieties.  We ended up ordering the gnocchi, braised clams, stuffed zucchini flowers (which were amazing!) and the tortellini.  The stand out was the clams and stuffed zucchini flowers however the gnocchi and the tortellini was good but nothing to scream about.  Mains were a bit touch and go, some were incredibly delicious and some just didn’t make the mark.  For example the Pork Belly which I ordered was not crispy, meat was dry and the crackling was chewy.  A chilli mussle broth, whilst the mussels were tasty the sauce was watery and bland.  If you were to order a side of bread to dip into the sauce I honestly wouldn’t bother as the bread itself would taste better by itself.  A lamb shoulder which was mouth-watering, seasoned nicely with herbs and lemon rind, marinated, slow cooked to perfection and was just divine.  A Duck confit with a lovely salad which I thought was the best dish of all, and some Barramundi fish sticks accompanied with celeriac on top.  Don’t be perturbed by the name of the dish, it was a lovely, tasty and light, although the serving size was a bit small it was still very nice.  All in all it was a good experience, I would say definitely give it a go, prices average about $30 for a main and about $20 for an entree depending on what you order.


Stuffed zucchini flower



Lamb shoulder

Pork belly

Duck confit

Chilli mussles

Baramundi fish sticks

Next place I tried out was the fairly new ‘The Avairy’, a roof top bar and restaurant. Very nicely designed so extra points from me (I’m a sucker for a good interior) , unfortunately I only partially saw some of the Aviary as my friend and I decided to eat on the roof top bar area.  Lovely setup with faux grass, colourful stools, undercover bar, plenty of room and a great view the atmosphere and ambience of the place is ideal for some drinks after work and/or lunch date.  We sat down and proceeded to look through the menu, although alot of dishes didn’t seem to stand out it seemed it was your typical run of the mill kind of stuff.  Alot of pizzas, steak sandwiches, salads, the usual but a little more directed to the upmarket crowd.  We decided on a salad and a pizza in the end and got ourselves a lovely pear cider to sip on in the 35 degree weather.  Our salad came out first, an apple smoked chicken with mixed lettuce, candied walnuts, crutons and prosciutto and an array of other ingredients, it was quite delicious and surprisingly filling although my only qualm would be the presentation of the salad could do with some work.  Next came our chorizo with rosemary, and potato pizza garnished with fresh rocquette on top.  A lovely thin pizza with what tasted like a white sauce for a base instead of your usual tomato base, with sparing ingredients the pizza was also a tasty dish.  My overall opinion of this place is good food and great atmosphere although a little pricey for what you get.

Rosemary and potato pizza

Smoked chicken and candied walnut salad

Last destination was a bakery located in Maylands called Sherbert.  I met up with another friend at this quaint little cafe with cakes leaning more towards your older traditional and simpler styled baked goods.   I had the lemon and carrot cupcake and my friend had a nice cake with a passion fruit icing on top (I couldn’t remember exactly what cake she bought).  The cupcake itself was quite nice although the icing on top was a bit too sweet and overpowering, when i bit the 2 together all I could really taste was the icing and not the cupcake base which was quite nice by itself.  My friend’s cake was very good, even though the icing is spread thin it still has a definite kick to it.  The ratio of cake to icing was just right making this a perfect cake for a cup of tea.  Extra points for serving on cute little decorative plates and cudos to the excellent and fast customer service.

Lemon and carrot cupcake

Perth food, you did not disappoint and I look forward to returning to you to try more of your delicious delights, plus friends and family are a good thing too 🙂

Currently in Perth then off to Europe

Hello all,  as you can see as above I’m currently in Perth for a while before I head off to Europe with some friends, so the blogging may be a little sparatic in the next 2 months :(.  However I’ll keep trying my best to update as often as I can with what’s happening , projects, food reviews and other bits and bob’s of what I’ll be up to.  Since it’s been a while I’m hoping to check out Perth for any nifty little shops or galleries and even a couple of good eating places in the city.  So if anyone knows of any hit me up with some suggestions and I’ll be sure to make my way there.  In the mean time I’ll leave you with this, a bow pattern I’ve been working on and I’ll update with more later on :).

mock up bow

High Tea review – Rochele Adonis (Perth)

A few weeks back I went to Perth to visit friends and family, whilst there a good friend of mine recommended we try the high tea at ‘Rochelle Adonis’.  I had heard many good things about this place before so I jumped at the opportunity to try their high tea. We arrived at the shop and proceeded through the entrance and I was instantly floored by the pretty interior on the inside.  White stone bench tops, beautiful fresh pink roses in crystal vases, a quirky wall full of photo frames varying in different styles and sizes, and scattered around the shop were antique brick a brack like antique sliver cutlery, tea sets and pots.  The whole feel of the shop was very sweet and contemporary, much like their food which I’ll get to in a moment.  So after admiring some of their cakes on display it wasn’t long after before someone escorted us to our seat.  Now the seating is very different, usually if you are having high tea with a group you are alloted a private table.  However these were benches so we had to share the table along with several other people.  At first it seemed a little awkward but after a while you get used to it, not long after you have been seated the wait staff begin to bring out your food and drinks.  The wait staff were very friendly and helpful and gave full explanations of what was being served, even recommendations on how to eat it.  Our first course was savory which consisted of:

– cucumber sandwiches
– ravioli filled with roquette and ricotta on top of caramelized onion with parmesan shavings with a tomato sugo and to finish off a lemon
– and zuccini Arancini ball with a saffron aioli sauce.


All the savory items were absolutely divine!  Especially the raviolli, which besides begin slightly chewy was amazing none the less.  The cucumber sandwiches were quite good too but the thing that sold me was their presentation.  Skewered with a tooth pick it was like a cucumber sandwich kebab, very cute.

Next came on the sweets which were

– passionfruit strap with an olive oil yogurt espuma
– lemon and blueberry trifle
– chocolate sable tart with baby pear
– rocky road icecream
– white choc mousse with liquid berry centre and chocolate
sable garnished with strawberry


I started out with the rocky road icecream, obviously if i left it any longer it would melt.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Nothing like a cheap rocky road ice cream would be, this was amazing!  I can’t even describe it well but it had nuts, and lovely bits of sweet crackle of some sort, and what seemed to be a red licorice or semi hard chewy candy inside and a pleasant rose taste.  Sorry but this description does not do it justice it was just AMAZING!!!  So after the rocky road ice cream I started on the blueberry trifle. A beautiful luscious thick meringue on top, which cuts down to the lemony sourness then to the sweet blueberries, perfect harmony with every scoop it was grand!  Next came the chocolate sable tart, really small but packs a punch!  Surprisingly for its size it was immensely rich, a little too rich and slightly bitter but once you have a bit of the baby pear on top it cuts through the richness which was quite sublime.  I then started on the white choc mousse with liquid berry centre and chocolate sable garnished with strawberry which was quite nice and then on to the passionfruit strap with an olive oil yogurt espuma, which was quite different from all the sweets we had tried earlier.  It was a very nice change and was like nothing I had ever tasted before.  The strap had a texture of pasta and pastry together and had a lovely tart flavor to it whilst the olive oil yogurt evened it out so you’re not over whelmed with the tart taste in your mouth.
All in all I really enjoyed my experience at this place.  Service is top notch even the owner herself comes out occasionally to see how you’re doing and if everything is satisfactory.  Price wise it’s well worth the money, interior is beautiful and the food is to die for.  Even their tea selection is good, offering a good variety for different tastes although a little limited.  I also heard that this place changes their high tea menu regularly so you’ll always get something different on your next  trip.  Well I can tell you what I’ll definitely be going there again if not for their high tea but for their dessert degustation.  Check out yourself this wonderful establishment at and if you’re in Perth WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Give this place a go and see for yourself.

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