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Easter times, food and birthdays

During the easter holiday I went back home to Perth to visit friends and family, whilst there I was invited to my friend’s restaurant/cafe called Marumo which does both fish and chips and a special Omakase (Chef’s Selection) menu.  Now the Omakase is only available through bookings so for your reference be sure to book in advance by at least 2 days if you decide to dine here.   Below are some pictures of the courses we received along with the menu of what they were offering on the night.

Besides catching up with awesome friends and eating great food a friend and I who celebrate a mutual birthday date were surprised when out comes a belated birthday cake.  Green tea flavored of course so not to break the theme of the night :).

So after only a few sun filled days of spending time with family and friends I hopped on back to Melbourne, welcomed by 13 degree weather MAXIMUM mind you, pelting rain, cold nights and chilly mornings.  Oh Melbourne, Y U NO HAVE even weather pattern?!

For more information on Marumo please visit their facebook page or check em out on  Also I’ll be going back to normal updating times so no more irregular postings through out the week guys.


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