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Lolita meet up: Cooking with Alice

About 2 weeks back I was invited to an afternoon of cooking with one of the local lolita’s, Alice, who was kind enough to host the get together at her house.  We started off the day by visiting the Victoria Markets to buy ingredients.  After we got what we needed we headed back to her house to begin the cooking/baking process.  All the loli’s brought a variety of recipes including both sweet and savory dishes, a few examples were apple and goats cheese tarts, smoked salmon with dill and cream cheese and cucumber on crackers, apple crumble, an assortment of cakes, mini pizzas and more.  Here are some outfit shouts of the day along with food shots and Alice’s adorable apartment.


Photos of food (in Europe)

Hello again, as promised here are some more pictures from my europe trip.  I will upload more later on but for now I’m still not home yet so the uploads unfortunately have been a little slow.  By next week the full set will be up but for now most of these shots are of food we sampled in europe, these being some of my favorite!  Enjoy these, double post this week so keep an eye out :).

Return from singapore

Hello guys! Hope you have all been having as great a week as I have.  I have just recently returned from Singapore after a week of exploring, discoveries, and massive amounts of shopping.

Singapore is a wonderful country, full of friendly people, fantastic food and loads and loads of great buys.  Currently the exchange rate for the aussie dollar is really good so I managed to grab alot of bargains which I wouldn’t usually get because it was a bit too expensive, so in the next few posts I’ll be updating all my latest hauls which include clothes, make up and some books and will be going through a few food reviews as well as showing a little side of the style in singapore.  There’s lots to update so I’ll be doing it in bits and pieces just so you guys don’t get an overload.  In the meantime I’ll put up some happy snaps from the trip so enjoy and I’ll be posting again soon.

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