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Food photography shoot with Sab and Chisa

A few weekends ago I had another food photography shoot with the 2 incredibly talented photographers, Chisa from chigarden and Sabrina from Sabatomic.  The subject we shot was a variety of tarts which we prepped, styled and photographed on location at Chisa’s lovely light filled home.  The tart shells were premade a day before so shooting time was much shorter than our last group shoot.  Fillings included a lemon curd made by Sabrina, a light cream cheese filling made by myself and a dark and white chocolate ganache made by Chisa.  We had a creme anglaise (pouring custard) but unfortunately that one didn’t work out but we still managed to get a variety of shots on the day.  For decoration we used a series of mixed berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with some mint for garnish which went well with all the tarts.  Overall a successful and fun photo shoot not to mention delicious!  Here’s some of the shots from the day and hope you enjoy them.


Shane Quade Dessert Degustation

I actually went to eat this a while ago but life just took over and I hadn’t had the chance to do any food posts till now.  Since this did happen quite a while ago I can’t remember everything in exact detail, but from what I can remember from the night was that it was incredibly memorable.  All desserts were very different from one another and in some desserts nothing was ever as it seemed.

The desserts were intricate, well presented and quite different to anything I had tried before.  Elements had been dehydrated, items were not what they seemed, like a yolk was actually a constructed sugary sac filled with a rich creamy sweet pumpkin sauce or what appeared to be nutmeg was instead a chocolate shell disguised as a nutmeg shell and once cracked oozed a luscious chocolate filling, and so on.

The evening staff were well informed, describing each dish and the elements that made them.  The desserts overall weren’t overly sweet and had  subtle flavours and best of all each dessert always kept me guessing and piqued my curiousity to what and how some of the items were made.  I’m very happy to have experienced such as event and if I get another chance I will definitely attend another one of Shane Quade’s dessert degustions.

Food Review: Luxbite “Apple of my Eye” dessert.

I went to Luxbite over the weekend to try their latest creation, their “Apple of my Eye” dessert. It was a chamomile cream cheese mousse with a spiced apple compote inside, over the top was a kiwi jelly with a green apple glaze, and to finish it off a caramalised apple skin for the stalk. On appearance it is beautifully presented, the glossy glaze and the apple appearance leaves you thinking it would be a tangy delight with that tart bitiness that green apples usually offer. I asked a young sales person about their newest creation and she told me that it was one of her favorites and that she liked it because of it’s subtle flavours and the combination of ingredients was to die for. I myself am a fan of more contrasting textures and strong flavours, but I didn’t want that at the time so I thought that this would be a perfect light dessert without it being over powering or too dense on the palette. After the initial discection, all the flavours are subtlely different. Each component which makes up the dessert has its own taste, however the chamomile cream cheese mousse did not grab me as well as the other flavours. I tasted no chamomile or detected any scent of it and the cream cheese left an oily residue in my mouth.

If the cream cheese was done in a different way or perhaps done a little better I think the combination of flavours would have been more successful. The combination was something I was looking forward to as the sales person had nothing but high praise for it, but since the flavours were so mellow everything sort of just combined together leaving my mouth feeling greasy and searching for flavour. The base itself appeared to be a sort of crust but the crust itself was slightly soggy, most likely it had seeped up the juices of the spiced apple compote. I thought maybe my palette was used to strong flavours that it needed time to settle into it but after several bites and more dissecting unfortunately my opinion did not change.  After trying several more bites I decided to try it with the caramelised apple skin as the “stalk” to see if the component added some sort of flavour to it.  Unfortunately their “caramelised” apple stalk was a dried, tough, hard apple skin with no sugar what so ever and was almost inedible so I discarded it and kept on eating. After finishing the dessert I was left quite disappointed from the whole experience, essentially I spent 15 minutes eating what seemed like a “mellow mush”, it sounds harsh but I honestly don’t know any other way to describe it. Most of the components separately were quite nice with their subtle flavours (except for the mousse) but overall as a dessert there was nothing that stood out when eaten as a whole. Textures were mostly boring, everything felt the same (thus the mush reference) and I couldn’t say that I actually enjoyed the dessert all that much.

I would have liked it much better if the base was like a cheesecake base, crumbly that breaks apart in the mouth (adding to texture), and would have liked the apple compote to be less mushy and the apples to be slightly more firmer to add to texture. Also if they were to add chamomile I would have liked to taste that a little more in the mousse or even have the smell of chamomile if they could not achieve the flavour. The apple glaze and kiwi jelly was perfect, providing a very slight tang to the dessert.  My conclusion, not my cup of tea however if you really really REALLY like very mild flavours I would suggest giving this one a go. Happy trials!!! 🙂

P.S I didn’t bring my big camera this time round so mobile shots it is.

Food review: Burch and Purchese

I had heard about this place from a view bloggers and was recommended by a couple of friends to visit this place.  Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the main strip of Chapel Street in South Yarra, I made my way there and was greeted by the friendly staff keen for me to sample some of their latest creations.  I struck up a conversation with one of the sales attendants and from what the she told me is that Burch & Purchese do a seasonal menu, so not all the deserts will always be there.  However they do have some items which are always on the menu so don’t be frightened about an always changing menu just in case you develop a favorite.

Inside Burch & Purchese

Selection of gorgeous cakes

I think I have already pointed out the absolutely wonderful customer service they have, with staff ready to help you with any enquiries about any of the cakes, chocolate or ice creams they stock.  Or even provide you with suggestions of cakes or confectioneries if you are buying for friends or family as a gift.  The place is lovely and small with no seating so heads up for those that want to sit down and have a coffee, it’s not that kind of place.  The cakes and chocolates are all crafted exquisitely with some amazing and definitely different flavour variations so be sure to be adventurous and try some of the lesser common combinations.

Smoked white chocolate, coffee, aniseed and lemon cake

Coconut, passionfruit, ginger and mint dessert

Since it was my first time I decided to try their cakes first so I bought a coconut, passionfruit, ginger and mint dessert (this wasn’t quite a cake) and a smoked white chocolate, coffee, aniseed and lemon cake.  The first one I tried was the smoked white chocolate.  What really interested me about this cake was the smoked chocolate, I had never tried it before and was curious to see if it really had the smokey flavor.  I took my first bite and it was DIVINE!!  This cake was amazing, the smoked white chocolate was there but only slightly so it’s not overpowering the rest of the intricate layers of the cake.  Everything they had claimed that was in this cake was in it!  Each layer was different, a lemon curd, brownie sponge,crunchy almond meringue, aniseed syrup it was all absolutely beautiful and the combination of it all was sheer bliss.  Not only is presentation impeccable but also the favours were just amazing.  Words cannot describe how good this cake was I can only highly recommend you go to this shop as soon as possible if you’re an avid cake lover such as myself.  As for the other dessert the coconut, passionfruit, ginger and mint dessert it had several layers (not as many as the smoked white chocolate cake) and just like the previous one tasted incredible.  The textures of the coconut caviar (as they called it) gave a wonderful texture combined with the ginger and salted oat crumble on the bottom leaving me almost refreshed with the tart passion fruit curd in the mix as well.  Truly when I ate this I cried a little because it was just so darn good.  So my overall opinion for Burch and Purchese is that it is one of the best places for desserts I’ve been to in a while.  I highly highly HIGHLY recommend you give this place a go I know I’m definitely going back again for seconds, thirds, fourths and more.

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