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Food photography shoot with Sab and Chisa

A few weekends ago I had another food photography shoot with the 2 incredibly talented photographers, Chisa from chigarden and Sabrina from Sabatomic.  The subject we shot was a variety of tarts which we prepped, styled and photographed on location at Chisa’s lovely light filled home.  The tart shells were premade a day before so shooting time was much shorter than our last group shoot.  Fillings included a lemon curd made by Sabrina, a light cream cheese filling made by myself and a dark and white chocolate ganache made by Chisa.  We had a creme anglaise (pouring custard) but unfortunately that one didn’t work out but we still managed to get a variety of shots on the day.  For decoration we used a series of mixed berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with some mint for garnish which went well with all the tarts.  Overall a successful and fun photo shoot not to mention delicious!  Here’s some of the shots from the day and hope you enjoy them.


My trip to Lorne

A while back I went on a trip to Lorne with some friends and their family.  Lorne is located in Victoria and is a couple of hours drive away from the city.  I didn’t take alot of snap shots of where we stayed however I did get some photos of the beautiful trekking area we found near our accommodation (unfortunately can’t remember the name of the hiking trail) .  Now the following photos weren’t actually taken by me, I think some were but I honestly can’t remember which ones.  I’m assuming most of the following shots were taken by my friend so all credit for the photos go to him and not myself.

The hike was wonderful, beautiful flowing streams, smooth rocks, luscious moss and greenery as far as the eye can see.  A beautiful trekking area but you must be very cautious as it can be quite treacherous.  Definitely not for beginners like myself so be sure to have proper foot wear and comfortable and sturdy waterproof clothes.  You can still enjoy this area if you are not necessarily in hiking attire however you really can’t appreciate the experience if you don’t get down and dirty by taking the hiking trail.

MANIFEST round up

Wow, my first manifest and it was AWESOME!  Met so many great artists and sat next to the very cool and very kind, very TALENTED Rosek who’s stuff you can check out here.  Had a great time selling my wares along with Chisa and Risachantag and met up with alot of familiar faces in the cosplay scene.  the ever epic Min from perth, Will from Sydney who I did a very quick photoshoot with, along with alot of happy snaps of fellow con goers.  Manifest is definately a con I will be going to in the near future however I must make a note to self to try and get some time to do some proper shoots at these cons.  So many awesome cosplayers but I was stuck behind our table so sad face :(.  Anyways I will leave you with some shots of the day, if you’d like to see the whole collection visit my flickr site here.

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