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Southside Handmade and Vintage Market

Last week I went to a vintage and handmade  market which I hadn’t done in a while just due to being too busy and too tired.  But this time I managed to suck it up and venture out to check out this relatively new market.  Southside Handmade and Vintage Market is quite young, apparently only this is the 2nd or 3rd one to be held so eagerly I went to check it out. When I first got in there it looked relatively small, filling only a bar room and lobby area.  It wasn’t until I did some exploring that I found out that there were more stalls just hidden away in different rooms.  One good thing about relatively newer or smaller markets is that they have quite a friendly community.  Whether you are a buyer or fellow market seller all the ladies tended to be very nice and chatty providing wonderful and in-depth explanations  behind their products or information about other markets and their experiences.  Also besides everyone being lovely they had a wide variety of beautiful preloved, vintage and handmade clothes along with jewelery, accessories and handcrafted items.  I managed to check out a few places and found some great bargains on some preloved jackets which I quickly scooped up.  All in all I enjoyed myself immensely at this market, friendly people, local artists and moderately priced goods so I’ll be definitely be coming back to this one again.

Some info for future reference if you’d like to visit their market

What:    Southside Handmade & Vintage Market
Urban Hotel 35 – 37 Fitzroy Street St Kilda 3182
Second Sunday of every month from 11.00 – 17.00
Getting there:  
Trams 96, 112 and 16

And to finish it all off here are some snaps from the day. To see the complete set please visit my flickr site 🙂

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