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Happy easter!!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy easter and hope you’re enjoying the long holiday.  Be sure to eat all the chocolatey goodness and spend time with your loved ones.  Happy easter everybody!


These are a few of my favorite things… the moment

Hi guys so as you can see by the post I thought I’d share with you a couple of things which I’m absolutely obsessed with at the moment.

I’m totally addicted to korean Vogue at the moment.  Their amazing shoots leave me stunned every time, really out there fashion, to glamorous romantic and classy, LOVE IT!










I’ve always had a thing for jackets my previous phase was blazers, blazers and more blazers but now I’m heading towards more detailed jackets.  Also I’m also going through a big tassel phase at the moment and really really REALLY wanna get my hands on a marching band hat.  Would be a great prop for a shoot and come on they’re just so cute!


I really love the works of Kay Nielsen and Audrey Beardsley, most of their artworks are asian inspired, Audrey from Japanese woodcut prints and Kay from a mixture of chinese and japanese inspired artworks.

Work of Audrey Beardsley

Works of Kay Nielsen

So I hope you enjoyed my favorite things, I think I’ll make this a monthly thing just to share the love around, what do you guys think?  On another note I recently joined LIVESTREAM where I’ll be doing live online streaming of me working on my artworks.  If you’d like to know when I’m on be sure to add me on twitter where updates will come out when I’ll be online.

Florence to Prague

These last few days have all become a blur, after travelling executively for several weeks you begin to forget what the days are, where you have been where you’re going and what you have seen.  I’ll try to recollect the last few days since my last entry where our last stop was Florence.  Florence was  beautiful, full of history, towering buildings with maze like alleyways and some sharp-looking ladies and lads all decked out and hot to trot.  Half a day was spent here which in my opinion wasn’t enough as there was just so much to see and learn from this wonderful city.  Onwards to Rome where it was incredibly crowded, especially at all the tourist hot spots, so it was quite difficult to enjoy and take in the grandeur of it all without the random tourist bumping into you with an elbow in you’re ribs and a camera in your face.  After our tour of Rome the next day we headed to the Vatican, home to the Pope and Michelangelo’s painted Sistine Chapel.  Trully a sight to behold along with all the other artworks such as sculptures, tapestries, painted plates and an array of other assorted artworks.  The Vatican was not only beautiful but our tour guide was very informative as well as educating us about the artworks and the symbolic meanings it represented.  After leaving Rome we headed onto Venice where Venetian masks, glass work, lace and gondolas where in abundance.  A beautiful place where rivers are your roads, boats are your cars, and the only way to find what you’re looking for is to search for it.  A maze of lovely little shops, hidden restaurants and the strangest looking shop displays floating on platforms in the rivers I’ve ever seen.  With an array of museums some dedicated to Dali, abstract, contemporary and a few others it’s a great place to see with a unforgertable ride on a gondola and sea bus.  Onwards to Vienna which unfortunately fell on a Sunday so nothing was open during the day so we ended up exploring around the local area seeing some of the sites but most of the day was spent in bed resting due to sickness taking it’s toll on the body.  From what I saw in Vienna from the bus it was beautiful, I would love to come back here one day to explore this place properly and not from the bedroom window or the bus window. Once we finished at Vienna we headed towards Budapest, Budapest was beautiful with wonderful architecture although besides some shopping and sight-seeing we took a bath at the health spas which was a nice change from the hectic schedule we were on.  That’s all for now, will update next week with more info on the trip, last entry which covers Poland to Amsterdam.

Sorry no photos this week, hopefully soon within the next few days.

Update from Europe

Hi guys!  For those that are yet unaware I’m currently in Europe at the moment so giving a brief run down of what has happened so far. So the tour started of in London and proceeded toward Paris, France.  After a long bus ride and ferry ride we finally reached our destination.  Paris is a beautiful place, filled with wonderful old buildings, extraordinary architecture, planning of the city itself is amazing with all the main attractions within walking distance  (note: I like to walk so and hours walk is not an issue for me, and besides you can check out all the roads in Paris which would go unexplored if you just simply took the train).  So after seeing the sights such as the louve, notre dame church, Champ de elysee, Eiffle tower and a few other attractions we managed to get a bottle of red, some cheese and bread and finished off the day with a boat ride along the river.  The next day we headed towards Switzerland which in total takes about 9 hours with stops to get there.  The view is amazing and I really wished we could have stopped at some of the local towns to take pictures and buy some of the local cheeses in the area.  So now we are currently in the Swiss Alps area and I’m off to do some trekking and take some happy snaps of this beautiful town.  Will update again soon and in the mean time enjoy these happy snaps here.

Trying to live your dream SUCKS!!

Like all budding young artists you dream big when you’ve just stepped out of school. The world is your oyster and you’re the next best thing since sliced bread.  You go onto bigger better things and start your life anew awaiting the massive amounts of success that await you once you begin your career.  All I can say is HOLD YOUR HORSES loves!!!  Slow down unfortunately it’s not all that easy.  I hate to burst the bubble but people don’t become a success overnight.

I myself when I was younger succumbed to the illusions of overnight success, a new life in a new place it was all great, but unfortunately in my line of work you soon discover that there are about a bigillion (yes I know it’s not a real number) other people out there who are more experienced and much better than you are.  Now this isn’t to say you’re crap, far from it.  It’s just that they’ve been in the industry a lot longer than you have so thus they have more skills under their belt than you do.  SO you start small, a little job here a little job there just to get you by whilst you start to gain experience so you can finally play with the big boys (or girls).  But sometimes in the process of gaining all this experience things in life will start to weigh you down.  There are bills to pay, rent, food, time, social life and many other factors that will eventually begin to slow you down and soon enough like many other people with immense amounts of talent I’ve seen, you’ll settle.  Well I’m telling you DON’T SETTLE!!  Sure you’re tired, lacking sleep, poor health and teetering on the edge on insanity but by golly you’ll get there!!  All this is part in parcel of what everyone who has succeeded in life has gone through, it’s tough work and the road is long but eventually you’ll get to where you want to be.

I’m saying all this and encouraging it all because I too had gone through all this and was considering ‘settling down’ but after reading up a few articles and other blog posts I discovered a lot of people were going through the same situation as I was.  So for those out there who are in the same boat, keep on trucking and don’t give up.  You’re not the only one out there who’s in it for the long haul.  Keep trying and be patient and most of all keep up your motivation!  It takes years, in fact many years to achieve your dreams and lots and LOTS of hard work.

If you’re an illustrator here’s a blog about the road to becoming a freelance illustrator that you may find helpful, link.

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