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Snow Queen Shoot

Some time late last year I did a photoshoot inspired by the story of the ‘Snow Queen’.  Originally this shoot was supposed to take place in autumn last year but due to the other photographers and models busy schedule I had to shift the shooting time to later in December.  Along the way a few things needed to be altered to the design/concept since originally I had come up with the idea in autumn, the concept consisted of more layers, furs, jewellery and such.   Unfortunately since the shoot was moved to December (which by then we were experiencing summer) alterations had to be made to the initial idea so I had to come up with a new substitute for the shoot.  Over the last weeks of putting everything together we finally did the shoot on a lovely hot 36 degree day and after several hours of make up and styling we got our shots in under an hour.

Thanks goes to Siera who was my lovely model and to the incredible Marina Pi who did the hair and make up on the day.

Phew it was a long day but had lots of fun with great company and good times.  Below are some BTS shots as well as the final shots from the day.  Enjoy!!!

The very first image is the concept for the snow queen’s make up and feel, digital artwork done by myself for make up artists reference.

New youtube channel: Reclogblog

Hi Guys, exciting news this week.  I have made a channel on youtube for all my behind the scenes, processes, mini docs and and other creative endeavors I may try out.  Have a look here at for my latest videos.  Speaking of which HERE THEY ARE!!! Both of these are behind the scene clips of 2 photoshoots I did a while back.  Some of you may recall the KPOP one I did back in February, if not you can read about it here link.  Anyhoos onto the videos, hope you enjoy them and I’m looking forward to making more.

Lolita Make Over at Illamasqua

Over the weekend, “One Day in Paradise” decided to hold a make up day for the Lolita’s in Melbourne.  We all met up at Melbourne City Myers at the Illamasqua make up department where the talented make up artists began their work.  I shot some video and took some pictures of the beautiful transformations and had a lovely chit chat with the girls and oggled at the amazing make up.  Here are some shots from the day.

You can see the rest here on my flickr site.  I’ll be posting up the video soon once I do a quick edit.

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