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National Rhododendron Garden

It’s been a while since I had gone on one of my little adventure walks, working has taken up alot of time so it’s hard to find the energy on weekends to get up and out there to explore.  This weekend wasn’t so jammed pack so I reserved a day for myself and decided to go check out the National Rhododendron Garden.  On the way there I came across some lovely town areas, very quaint with adorable little shops, Devonshire tea houses and a very awesome tea shop selling unique teapot sets and interesting flavored teas.  I ended up buying 3 flavors from a place called ‘Tea Leaves’ which I will probably review sometime in the near future, and post some pics of the shop itself.

The area surrounding the Rhododendron Garden is absolutely breath taking.  It’s currently autumn in Melbourne and all the beautiful autumn foliage has started to show itself.  I personally love this time of year as I can go for long walks and not worry about the heat, rain or hay fever so I’m glad I got to see this beautiful area during this time.  It took me about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to slowly walk the garden grounds.  I didn’t manage to cover the entire park as I did go quite late and wanted to try some tea and scones before I made my way back to the city.  If you are thinking about coming to the gardens I would recommend making a day of it.  First take some time to explore the near by town areas and maybe have a breakfast along with a little sticky beak around the area, then make your way to the gardens and have a lovely stroll around.  Once you are done head on back to one of the towns and have some afternoon tea and be back into the city just in time for dinner.

Below are some shots of the day. Enjoy!!! 🙂

Lovely hot tea and scones at the end of the day really hit the spot

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