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Oz Comic Con

Over the weekend I attended Melbourne’s first Oz comic con. The event went over 2 days however due to prior commitments I was only able to attend for half a day.  Apparently from what I heard from my other friends the convention was poorly organized and that the venue was too small for the amount of people that attended.  I myself enjoyed the experience however I didn’t attend the whole day or see any of the panels that were being held and I also got a free entry pass.  So I guess if it were a free event I think it was good for what it was but if you were a paying customer I’d feel pretty jipped at the state of the con.  It is their first year so there are always going to be a few hiccups in the beginning, hopefully they will be better prepared for next year so before then they’ll have plenty of time to take on all the feedback that will be coming their way.  I took a few happy go con snaps of all the cosplayers and some of the stalls so check them out below and for the full set you can check out my flickr here.

Weekend in Emerald shoot

Over the weekend I visited my friend and fellow photographer Neil Creek for his house warming party in his new home in Emerald.  Emerald is on the further outskirts of Melbourne, taking roughly about an hour to get there if you are leaving from the city.  I played behind the scenes photographer and assistant for the photo shoot which he and Annie had planned earlier.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this in earlier postings but Neil Creek is my go to photographer when it comes to lighting and photography in general.  He has published a series of books explaining the in’s and out’s of photography and besides publishing books is an amazing photographer with years of experience.  You can check his site out here at

Hey Neil!

Close up of Annie’s gorgeous velvet cape with hood

Annie with her intricate plaits for her Grell Julliette cosplay

After helping out Neil he returned the favor by helping me shoot Annie with a few extra lights and some talcum powder for added effect.  Unfortunately both of us didn’t spend as much time shooting as we usually do since the weather started to turn bad  and we had a pretty full on day before.

If you’d like to know how some of the shots were achieved you can visit Neil’s site here where he’s given a full tutorial on how he set up the lights and shows his process of post production.  Also please visit Annie’s site on her blog as well called Archadian Skies

Tiger and Bunny cosplay shoot

A while back I did a photo shoot with Cosplayers Min, Jen and Jill from Perth whilst I was there on holiday.  They did a cosplay based off an anime series called Tiger & Bunny, Min did Kotetsu Katsuragi, Jen did Barnaby Brooks and Jill did Kaede Katsuragi (Kotetsu AKA Tiger’s daughter).  It was quite a difficult day as lighting kept on changing due to the sunny and suddenly overcast lighting which unfortunately affected some of the photos.  Most shoots I’ve done alone, however more and more I’m finding that I will need assistance on shoots in the future as the need for reflectors or flashes will be needed on future shoots if my images are to remain top notch quality.  Besides the lighting the shoot went well.  We sourced out several locations and spent most of the day shooting.  We shot till the night however the secondary photographer did most of the shooting as there was some technical difficulties and in the end I could not shoot anything at night.  We ended up finishing at around 2am in the morning, exhausted and tired but very satisfied with what we got from the day.  Here are some pics from the shoot, thanks go to Min, Jen and Jill for power housing it through the day, you guys were great, and secondary photographer Wilson. for letting us use your awesome factory :).  Enjoy the shots, if you would like to see more you can check out my deviantart site here.

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