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Food photography shoot with Sab and Chisa

A few weekends ago I had another food photography shoot with the 2 incredibly talented photographers, Chisa from chigarden and Sabrina from Sabatomic.  The subject we shot was a variety of tarts which we prepped, styled and photographed on location at Chisa’s lovely light filled home.  The tart shells were premade a day before so shooting time was much shorter than our last group shoot.  Fillings included a lemon curd made by Sabrina, a light cream cheese filling made by myself and a dark and white chocolate ganache made by Chisa.  We had a creme anglaise (pouring custard) but unfortunately that one didn’t work out but we still managed to get a variety of shots on the day.  For decoration we used a series of mixed berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with some mint for garnish which went well with all the tarts.  Overall a successful and fun photo shoot not to mention delicious!  Here’s some of the shots from the day and hope you enjoy them.

Food Photography shoot with Sab and Chisa

A few weekends ago I had a food photography shoot with fellow bloggers Sab from Sabatomic and Chisa from Chigarden.  I had never done food styling before and had wanted to do a shoot together with these 2 for a while.  We finally managed to get a free weekend where we all weren’t busy and spent the day making cupcakes from scratch and styling them for the shoot.

Sabrina has been taking photos of food and has been styling her shoots for a lot longer than I have so seeing how she works was a real eye opener.  With many props provided from both Chisa and Sab we managed to get a variety shoots utilising most of the natural light and creative critique from everyone to get the best shots we could on the day.

Besides taking photos I shot behind the scenes and made a BTS video so you can see what work is required when shooting food photography.

Thanks goes to Sab from her great tips and advice on food photography as well as Chisa for letting us use her house as our personal studio and cudos to both for their advice and creative critique on the day :).

Rainbow Make up Impromptu shoot

Last weekend I was invited to a photo shoot organised by aLauren Payne, an MUA (make up artist) I had wanted to work with.  Initially it was just to catch up and talk briefly about availability and make up styling, but at the last minute I decided to take part in the group shoot.  The theme was “rainbow” and most of the looks were incredibly colourful, dramatic and overtop, which was exactly the kind of look that I needed.  I arrived quite late in the day so I quickly setup some basic lighting and grabbed all the models who weren’t busy and did some quick close up beauty shots.  Heres some shots from the day, thanks to all the models and make up artists who took part in all this and we’ll see you next time 🙂

Snow Queen Shoot

Some time late last year I did a photoshoot inspired by the story of the ‘Snow Queen’.  Originally this shoot was supposed to take place in autumn last year but due to the other photographers and models busy schedule I had to shift the shooting time to later in December.  Along the way a few things needed to be altered to the design/concept since originally I had come up with the idea in autumn, the concept consisted of more layers, furs, jewellery and such.   Unfortunately since the shoot was moved to December (which by then we were experiencing summer) alterations had to be made to the initial idea so I had to come up with a new substitute for the shoot.  Over the last weeks of putting everything together we finally did the shoot on a lovely hot 36 degree day and after several hours of make up and styling we got our shots in under an hour.

Thanks goes to Siera who was my lovely model and to the incredible Marina Pi who did the hair and make up on the day.

Phew it was a long day but had lots of fun with great company and good times.  Below are some BTS shots as well as the final shots from the day.  Enjoy!!!

The very first image is the concept for the snow queen’s make up and feel, digital artwork done by myself for make up artists reference.

Australian Academy of Design 2012 Grad show Part 2

So last week I posted the first part of the the Australian Academy of Design Grad show which you can see here.  Just updating this post with some of the other stand out (in my opinion) designers on the night as well as some shots on the day.  Unfortunately I could not remember all the designers name but have categorised it so that all the collections by the respective designer are together.  Short and sweet post as I’ll be updating again soon with my most recent photo shoot 🙂

Australian Academy of Design 2012 Grad show

Hello all and welcome back to the first blog post of the year.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday over the Christmas and New Year’s break and are looking forward to the wonderful exciting year we have ahead of us.  Sorry for the long absence but I was on holiday back in Perth visiting friends and family so in order to make up for my tardiness I’ll be uploading a few more posts then usual in the next few weeks.

Now that the little intro is over onto what this blog post is really about.  The fashions!!!

So before I left for my Perth holiday I was invited to attend AAD’s (Australian Academy of Design) Graduation show.  This show did not only comprise of just fashion but also showcased the schools other departments such as Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography and Visual Arts.  I mostly focused on the fashion showcase as I was acting as a guest photographer for my friend Anna Cabral,who was the schools Fashion Events Intern and had helped to organise the show.  I went back stage and snapped a couple of “Behind the Scenes” shots amongst the flurry of nervous students and busy make up and hair crew and soon after settled myself in the photographer’s pit for the show to begin.

Amongst the young designers were a few stand outs, one in particular which I’m quite fond of was Joseph Jang’s designs.  His textiles are just amazing and his garment designs are absolutely gorgeous and are immaculately constructed.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of his collections in the future to see where this young talent goes.

The night ended with much applause for all the hard working designers and after a long night of running back and forth from behind stage and to and from the photography pit it was time to call it a night since the next morning myself and Anna had a whole day of shooting with our close photographer friends Neil Creek and Elias Lopez (both pretty much my mentors when it come to photography).

I’ll be breaking up this post into 2 parts , the second one I’ll update again with the other students designs sometime this week as there was just too much to post and this would have gone on forever.  So look forward to part 2 within the next couple of days.

Gothic Shoot

Hello everyone and happy holidays!  I hope your looking forward to them as much as I have.  It’s been a busy 3 weeks with one shoot after the next but it’s all been worth it.

About 2 weeks ago I shot a gothic themed shoot with an elegant, aristocratic vampire feel in mind.  Probably not the best idea shooting in summer but luckily we copt a break as the maximum on the day was about 24 degrees so it wasn’t too bad.  This shoot was done straight after the “Mori Kei” shoot which was it’s polar opposite so lighting, make up, wardrobe was significantly different from the week before.  For those who may not be familiar with the whole gothic/aristocrat style it basically consists of dark colours, simple designs with delicate detailing such as ruffles or lace trimmings and heavily pulls influence from the Neo-gothic period or AKA the Victorian Gothic period.  Make up was done by the ever talented Anna who I have worked with several times and mentioned most likely quite a bit on this blog and models are Julianne and Jorge.  Thanks to this wonderful team for making this shoot possible and now onto the lucky last one which I’ll most likely post a little later due to christmas.  Have a happy holidays!

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