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Visual/Inspirational journals

Hello everybody!  over the last few weeks I have been doing a cleanup of my old fashion, photography and illustration magazines I have collected over the last few months.  They’re really starting to clutter the home and it’s become a little messy, so I have began cutting out bits and pieces of parts I loved the most and have begun  creating a visual/inspirational diary.  Now for those who aren’t familiar with a visual or inspirational diary it’s basically a journal that consists of materials that have inspired your creative works, sort of like visual history guide.  It’s a great way to look back at your humble beginnings, for example a style of illustration that you liked, a photo which captured you or even a colour or a font you just can’t get out of your head.  Small things like that you can cut out, keep and use as a reference for a later date to look back on.  Now for those who have studied art, design, fashion or photography, you’ll already know all about this, however since back in the days when I attended University I never really appreciated the usefullness of these diaries.  I was always told by lecturers to keep collecting, keep building and you’ll have a treasure trove of references and inspirations to look back on once you get into a rutt.  So like all before me I am spreading the word. Make visual/inspirational (whatever you want to call it) diaries and seriously you won’t regret it.  Sure it’s a little more work but hey do what I did, be it old mags or big bulky books, add it to the journal.  Here’s some snap shots of my journal in progress, it’s sort of a  mish mash of bits and pieces, along with some drawings I did. It’s not pretty, it doesn’t have to be it’s all up to you.

Here are some more examples, these are not my own but it’s a good reference to see how different each visual diary is.  ENJOY!

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‘Craft Inc’ book review

I’ve been getting into art’s and crafts alot in the last few months, making little bits and pieces and selling them at conventions, markets and online. Whilst enjoying the creation process and the surprisingly pleasing profit a thought came to mind ‘Could I make this hobby profitable?’ Now I had no idea where to start or what I should do, so with the thought in mind I ventured out to my local fav book store to seek answers and inspiration. As I’m browsing the arts and crafts isles low and behold I came across this little beauty.

Craft Inc ‘turn your creative hobby into a business’ book review by Meg Mateo Ilasco

This book had every answer to all my questions, regardless to whether you are already selling and looking to expand to a shop, selling wholesale to stores, or just starting out (like myself) this book will give you the best advice to go about with your new business venture.

Interviews with budding crafters who have made it big, offering advice and stories of their own highs and lows this book will take you through the steps to making your crafters dream into reality. Although written for an american audience the book offers very relative information none the less. I highly recommend buying this book if you are interested in making your hobby into a business, from soft toys, illustration, stationery, pottery and much more, you make it, you can sell it with help from this book.

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