Kyoto and Osaka was a very quick stop over trip.  About 3 days were spent in Kyoto and 1 day was spent in Osaka, at this point I met up with the family and the rest of the trip in Kyoto was spent visiting all the local shrines, eating the local food and visiting Gion, Japan’s most famous Geisha district.  Kyoto is one of my most favourite places to visit, there is not as much hustle and bustle as Tokyo or Osaka and it possesses the lovely charm of traditional Japanese buildings which are more prominent here than anywhere else that I have been to in Japan.  Whilst I was in Kyoto I managed to make some time to visit the Manga Museum, which for any avid manga enthusiast is a definite must.  There is a long history of manga presented in the museum along with artist exhibitions scattered amongst the different rooms inside and not to mention all the manga you can possibly read.  Note that most of the manga is in Japanese so if you can read Japanese be prepared to put in at least a whole day if you want to catch up on those books you can’t get access to.

Osaka was predominantly eating since we had to leave for Koyasan the next day.  We stayed on the bustling street Dotonbori, known for its night life, shopping and food.  The street is very popular with tourists since the street is lined with shops, restaurants and mechanised signs which is a sight to see, especially at night time when the street lights and neon signs light up.  There’s a lot food places along this street that offer up many Japanese favorites such as  ramen, gyoza, takoyaki and also is home to a very popular restaurant called Kanidoraku Honten which specialises in crab cuisine dishes.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to eat at the crab restaurant as the wait to get a table was about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, so if you do plan to go, make reservations in advance.  On a final note I had the best egg tarts I’ve ever tasted in my life!  The bakery that sells them is called Lord Stow’s Bakery and stick with the original tarts as they are the cream of the crop (in my opinion).

That’s all for this week be sure to check out next week’s post on Koyasan.



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