My Venture into Typography

As of late I’ve been obsessed with typography, especially cursive for some odd reason.  In the beginning of my career (I’m a graphic designer by trade) I will admit I didn’t know what the big deal was when it came to typography, I understood the do’s and don’t’s as well as admired a good lay out when I saw one but I never fully appreciated fonts and how they were constructed.  In the last few months I’ve been practising at designing my own custom font and from there I started to understand the amount of work that actually goes into creating a font.  Variables like your x height, ascenders, descenders, consistent angles and spacing and about a bigillion other factors left me flabbergasted and my end result was something close to chicken scrawl and nowhere near anything decent to pass off as a working font.  This was a first attempt and like with everything in life I didn’t expect a perfect result first time round.  I still intend to keep practising and will update on how it is going as well show my progress pictures, methods of how I’ve constructed, dissected and (most likely) obliterated  my fonts as well as show examples of some lovingly laid out type design and inspirations for my work.  In the meantime here are some pretty pretty pictures of typography, enjoy and I will update you with my progress sometime soon in the next coming weeks.

If you’d like to see updates before they are posted on the blog (so you don’t have to wait) you can follow me on twitter or tumblr accounts.

All images were courtesy of tumblr, unfortunately I’m not to sure who the artist’s were for each one so apologies in advance


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