Saturday in Design

First off sorry for being absent and postless for the last 2 weeks.  I’ve been horrendously ill so I spent most of my time in bed so didn’t really have much to blog about.  However all healthy again and out and about once more so onward with the post.

So after weeks of being bed ridden, this weekend past I attended Saturday in Design in Melbourne.  A friend of mine who is an interior designer came to visit for this particular event and invited me to come along for the ride.  The event went on for 2 days starting from Friday with main events mostly happening through out the day on the Saturday.  Most of the events consisted of interior related businesses opening their doors to registered guests to show off their latest and most popular items.  In order to entice you to stay, discuss and gander most events provided free catering and drinks along with some form of light entertainment.  Although I’m not in the interior design business I quite enjoyed the experience, a definite eye opener into the world of interior design and I will say when interior designers network they network in style, literally.

Enjoy the pics from the day below and if you’d like to find out more information about Saturdayindesign your can check out the main site here at  They hold the event in several cities in Australia and one in Singapore so be sure to check when the next one is on in your area.  For the full set from the day you can view them on my flickr site here.


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