Game Master Exhibition

Last week I was invited by a friend to attend the Game Masters Exhibition here in Melbourne at the ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image).  The Game Masters exhibition focuses on the history and development of gaming, taking you from the very first console made to the latest in games, genre’s and creations coming from big name and indie companies.  For those that grew up with games I would highly recommend you visit this well worth exhibition, regardless of what age you are you will surely enjoy the experience along with an awesome history lesson that provides actual consoles and games from the 1970’s for you to interact and play with.  There is an array of rare concept art, scripts, development drawings and interviews with creators on how they developed the games and the obstacles that came their way providing a good insight into how much thought goes into these games.  My favourite part of the exhibition was one such interview with  ‘Fumito Ueda’, the head designer of one of my most memorable and favourite games of all time ‘ICO’ for playstation.  On a quick note, because this is a post on the exhibition itself and not a game review, I would highly recommend giving ‘ICO’ a go.  Although released some years ago the game play is amazing, A rather simple game with out any battle systems, ,level ups or item upgrades this game focuses on the one task of saving a girl with all that you’ve got (which is not much) and using your brain to solve the puzzles of the castle to escape.  Im giving a very simplified summary of this game but if you have the chance definitely give this game a go as it is truly a work of art.  Besides ‘ICO’ other contenders such as Sonic, Mario, World of Warcraft, Monkey Island, Guitar Hero, Metal Gear Solid, Shadow of the Colossus and many many more titles are all part of this exhibition.

Unfortunately there is no photography allowed so I couldn’t take pictures of this wonderful exhibition, instead I can only encourage anyone who loves games to check this exhibition out before it closes.  For more information about the exhibition and ticket pricing you can check out the ACMI website here with all the details.

Here’s ACMI’s you tube site and I’ve linked below some highlight videos along with some ICO art I illustrated over the week, ENJOY!


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