3 Bags Full Breakfast

Over the weekend I went to ‘3 Bags Full’ for breakfast with some friends of mine.  We arrived at the place around 11’oclock (I know late breakfast) and it was quite packed as we went during the peak period.  After a short wait we were escorted to our seats and decided on what we wanted to order, my friends decided on a big breakfast and avocado over toast and I decided on a cured beetroot salmon with dill sauce and some sort of fritter (sorry I couldn’t remember the name of the fritter).  We were told that the wait time for food would be about half an hour, understandably as they were really quite busy so we ordered coffee and tea and waited for our food.  True to their word the food arrived about 30mins later although by this time my friend who had wanted to drink her hot tea with the meal had gone cold.  Presentation wise it was nothing to scream about, it’s pretty standard looking and as for taste it’s good, but for the amount you’re paying not that good.  Meals are substantial and will fill you up however with prices averaging about $15, in my personal opinion I think it is a tad high for what you get.  The atmosphere is great having quite a hustle and bustle feel to it, however conversations may be a bit hard if you sit inside.  The wait staff are wonderful, always asking if everything is okay and checking up on you and as for coffee and tea, not a large selection of tea and their coffee was good but didn’t quite win me over.  Overall I had a good experience, I wouldn’t say I’d visit there again any time soon but give it ago and you can be the judge.

Beetroot cured salmon dish

Big Breakfast

Avocado on toast

Congratulations, you made it all the way to the end and are rewarded with a pic of my friend's very cute shoes 🙂


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