Breakfast Time!

So this week has been jam packed since a couple of friends of mine from Perth came to visit me here in Melbourne.  Being the good host that I am I took them around to some of my favorite places and to some new one’s which I have been meaning to try out.  Most of the meals consisted of either breakfast or dinner so for this post I’ll be doing a run down and mini review of the breakfast places we visited during their stay.

First 1 was St Alis located on 12-18 Yarra Place  South Melbourne.
This place has speciality coffee and is quite popular on the weekends for breakfast.  We all ordered a coffee each, one filtered, one coffee of the day and a coffee called ‘magic’.  Now I had never been a big fan of coffee, in fact I really didn’t like it at all but over the last few months I’ve come to appreciate a good cup of coffee, and I tell you what this place knows it’s coffee.  I can’t claim that it’s the best in Melbourne as I am in my opinion still a ‘noob’ when it comes to coffee but it was delicious, flavorful and made well by their barista.

Onto our main brekkie meal.  We had a Magic Mushroom omlette, Omega Love and a Meredith Salad.

Coffee at St Ali's

Omega Love

Meredith Salad

Magic Mushroom

Specialty filtered coffee

The food is amazing as well as the coffee.  Some of the coffee’s depending on your tastes may not be your cup of tea (lol), but if the coffee doesn’t satisfy you the food definitely will.  Prepared beautifully with good flavor combinations and moderate portions St Ali’s is one of my places to definitely return to.  Although pricing is a little steep averaging around $17-$20 roughly for a breakfast in my opinion is a little much, however if price is not an issue have at it!  Another factor for this place is due to its abundant popularity and situation (placement) it does get incredibly crowded and busy.  You will need to wait before you are seated (not long though usually) and wait staff are quite busy to hurry you along, although they are a bit rushed once it comes to ordering they will aid you with any questions about the meals or coffee and even offer you recommendations if you ask their opinions.


Seven Seeds located at 114 Berkeley St Carlton.
This little hidden gem is tucked away from the busy streets with hardly any signage pointing it out until you are a few meters away from it (you’ll recognize it from the amount of people heading in).  The interior is quite nice and spacious and not as noisy as the hustle and bustle of St Ali’s, although this does change once it hits 11’oclock.  We placed our order and didn’t wait long till our food arrived along with our coffee.  We had a lovely waitress who like St Ali’s took time to offer recommendations on both the food and the coffee depending on what your tastes are and gives detailed descriptions of what the meals consists of.  We decided on a sesame crusted yellow fin tuna nicoise salad, whipped fetta and tofu on whole meal a topped with an array of salad and pickled radishes and pine nuts, and lastly a smoked salmon with asparagus & béarnaise sauce.  Presentation wise it’s a little hit and miss, some of them looked like it was just plopped on the plate in a sloppy mess however looks can be deceiving, despite how it looks it tastes great.  Dishes are delicious and well cooked, coffee is amazing, wait staff are friendly and best of all prices are not necessarily cheap but definitely doable.

Specialty filtered coffee

smoked salmon with asparagus & béarnaise sauce

whipped fetta and tofu on whole meal a topped with an array of salad and pickled radishes and pine nuts

sesame crusted yellowfin tuna nicoise salad

Added note* they have a section just for coffee where they pack store and grind so you can see everything


Hardware Societe located at 118-120 Hardware St Melbourne.
Hardware Societe is located down a long street, hidden away from view however it’s popularity doesn’t seem to suffer much.  The last time I came to this place I had to wait an hour for a table and the cramped conditions were not something I was comfortable with.  On my most recent trip it wasn’t peak time and it was on a weekday so I had all the space and a very quick settle in unlike my previous visit.  Interior is very nice, trendy looking with wait staff who are a bit of a hit and miss.  Some of them are amazing and friendly whilst some are quite aloof and unenthusiastic about even taking your order.  Coffee wise I wouldn’t say it’s the best and food is prepared very nicely, top marks for presentation however taste of the dishes was nothing outstanding.  The dish I ordered was a rather refreshing croissant with a pineapple and pomegranate mint salad accompanied with a natural yogurt and several different spreads, looked amazing with a good combination of flavors and tasted pretty good.  Price wise along the same lines as St Ali’s but I would say reasonable for what you get.

Delicious Mocha

Croissant with pineapple, mint and pomegranate, accompanied with natural yogurt and condiments

Inside Hardware Societe

All in all each brekkie is good in its own way depending on what you like.  In my opinion if you’re looking for moderate priced breakfast with great coffee and service Seven Seeds is a definite one to visit, next in line would be St Ali’s and lastly Hardware Societe.  I recommend you give them all a go and judge for yourself which one in your opinion is good.

Also finally sorry all the pics were taken with my camera phone so apologies for the quality 😦


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  1. 1 waterfallsandcaribous 18/03/2012 at 1:55 pm

    YUM! Living in South Korea, the two things I’m missing most about home are coffee and brunch! No one does either like the Kiwis and Aussies…Man, I want a flat white!!!!

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