Hello all!  Apologies for the late post.  A friend of mine recently had to go for surgery so I have been diligently helping out.  Since then recovery has gone well and now I can get back to posting, so without further ado onto the post!

So last week I told you how I would introduce some of the zines that I have collected over the years.  As promised I’ve rustled up some of the zines and BEHOLD here they are.

Most of my collection consists of illustrative and comic zines as they are what interest me the most, however along the way I did pick up a very interesting read focusing on the journeys of a young lady developing her skills at making Macarons called ‘Macarons are not Macaroons’.  I managed to aquire this copy at a zine shop located under Flinder’s Street station in Melbourne called ‘Sticky Institute’, a must read for all those crazy about Macarons.

About half the zine’s in this photo were purchased from ‘Sticky Institute’ my usual go to shop, the rest were picked up from random sources such as craft markets, retail shops and even some at individual studios promoting their works.

Most of the zines are differing from one another either by binding, format or materials used to create them.  As discussed in my last post all zines don’t have to conform to a certain sterotypical shape, size or method of binding which you will see in more mainstream publications where materials, costs and format constricts how the publication is produced.  Zines are a great way to experiment with different ways of expressing yourself through this medium.  Since it is only a small publication usually created for awareness, a hobby or even a project, you are able to be as artistically free as you want.  You’ll be surprised at some of the interesting ways individuals come up with binding and the types of materials they use for pages, it’s a breath of fresh air to view publications so differently and in such a unique way.

I’ve taken some samples from my collection and have shown bellow how they are bound together.

outside appearance of 'Mini Majelle' before unravelling

Inside after unravelling. Had to take out the bindings so I could fold this out so you can see how this was layed out

Illustrative story called "Who ate the cookie?"


Diagram of how this zine was bound

triple stapled bound with spine cover "A-Z, these are a few of my favorite things" by Dawn Tan



Diagram of how this zine was bound

I hope this post has been informative for you, if you’d like to know more about zines just comment below and I’ll be sure to respond to your questions ASAP.


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