Lolita Birthday and Zine fair

So this week my good friend celebrated her birthday.  She happens to be a lolita so most of the lolita’s were invited to the celebration.  We had a lovely picnic beside the river and as usual all the lolita’s came decked out in their best threads.  Here are some pictures of the day, you can see the full set here on my tumblr site.

The Birthday Girl

After attending the birthday I headed to the city to attend a zine fair over in Melbourne town hall.  Studio Squishface was one of the many stall holders this year so I decided to check it out.  For those who aren’t familiar with zines they are basically self published publications with content that can be anything from politics, media, reviews, poetry, fiction, illustration, design and more.  Zine is an abbreviation of fanzine or magazine and according to some people zine’s can only be called zine’s if the publication amount is less than 1000.  Also zines aren’t typically made like your average magazine, format and binding can differ through out individual zines.  One could be accordion bound and another maybe saddle stitched.  Some are even bound by threading it through a sewing machine, the variations are endless and left up to the imagination of the individual publisher.

Miniature books a lady was selling at her stall

So back to the Zine fair, there was a large array of publications.  Some zines were creatively and timestakenly bound with screen printed covers and some were bound together by a single flimsy staple and printed on what looked like a back of someone’s old homework.  It was great to see all the differences in the zines, it’s what makes zines fun and interesting.  The mish mash of different content as well as mediums used to create them offers a new outlook on how we read the publication and how we interact with it, in other words a change is nice.

After perusing all the zines, admiring the talent and creative ways of binding I came across Studio Squishface’s table and purchased one of Marta’s Fishbone series limited prints.

Team Studio Squishface

I also got a hand bound miniature book about conifer ferns and a publication by 2 lovely girls who really made an effort publishing their magazine called pocketto.  I’ve yet to read the contents of the book as I mostly purchased it because of the lovely binding and well layed out content.  My final purchase of the day was a zine from the same girls except this one was more hand-made, smaller and more commonly compiled like most of the other zines which in traditional fashion are photocopied and hand stapled together.  So here’s my purchases from the fair and next week I’ll introduce some more zines I have collected over a period of time to show you the different ways,styles and formats used to create zines.

My haul



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