Macaron Review – Pierre Herme’

With a name known all around the globe how could I not try this famous french chef’s macarons.  For those that are unaware of Pierre Herme’ he is known to be one of the best dessert/pastry chefs in Paris.  Popular for his confectionaries I could not miss the chance of sampling some of these delights whilst I was in London.  The initial plan was to try the macarons in Paris however due to the language barrier and time constraints I thought it best to try the branch in London located in the  shopping mall “Selfridges”.  I ordered several macarons, the Creme Brulee, Chocolate and Yuzu, Chocolate 40% cocoa, White Truffle & Hazelnut  and a Hazelnut Praline & Crispy Praline.  I can’t go into detail as it was quite rushed  but I can say with confidence he’s known around the globe for a reason.  These macarons where delicious!  Wonderful crisp shells that cracked under the slightest pressure into a soft slightly spongy inside and an explosion of flavor from the macaron filling.  Each macaron differed from the other, unlike alot of macarons where the sugar content tends to mask any flavor the chefs claim to have but in there.  However these macarons were not overly sweet instead they were very pleasant and enjoyable to eat, especially and surprisingly the truffle and the 40% cocoa macaron.  The strong pang of the white truffle left you a little confused to whether you like the interesting combination at first but once you get over the initial shock your palette adjusts leaving you with a satisfied blend of flavors.  The 40% chocolate offered a refreshing bitterness to the whole sweet sensation (I must admit you can’t eat too many of these in one sitting), a good finish to the wonderful macaron tasting.  All in all the macarons were great, wonderful flavors all different from the next, all evenly made (didn’t encounter any ‘one of these things is not like the other’) and the colours were not horridly artificial.  A great experience and unfortunately I’ll have to wait to go to Europe once more in order to try these delicious macarons.


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