Florence to Prague

These last few days have all become a blur, after travelling executively for several weeks you begin to forget what the days are, where you have been where you’re going and what you have seen.  I’ll try to recollect the last few days since my last entry where our last stop was Florence.  Florence was  beautiful, full of history, towering buildings with maze like alleyways and some sharp-looking ladies and lads all decked out and hot to trot.  Half a day was spent here which in my opinion wasn’t enough as there was just so much to see and learn from this wonderful city.  Onwards to Rome where it was incredibly crowded, especially at all the tourist hot spots, so it was quite difficult to enjoy and take in the grandeur of it all without the random tourist bumping into you with an elbow in you’re ribs and a camera in your face.  After our tour of Rome the next day we headed to the Vatican, home to the Pope and Michelangelo’s painted Sistine Chapel.  Trully a sight to behold along with all the other artworks such as sculptures, tapestries, painted plates and an array of other assorted artworks.  The Vatican was not only beautiful but our tour guide was very informative as well as educating us about the artworks and the symbolic meanings it represented.  After leaving Rome we headed onto Venice where Venetian masks, glass work, lace and gondolas where in abundance.  A beautiful place where rivers are your roads, boats are your cars, and the only way to find what you’re looking for is to search for it.  A maze of lovely little shops, hidden restaurants and the strangest looking shop displays floating on platforms in the rivers I’ve ever seen.  With an array of museums some dedicated to Dali, abstract, contemporary and a few others it’s a great place to see with a unforgertable ride on a gondola and sea bus.  Onwards to Vienna which unfortunately fell on a Sunday so nothing was open during the day so we ended up exploring around the local area seeing some of the sites but most of the day was spent in bed resting due to sickness taking it’s toll on the body.  From what I saw in Vienna from the bus it was beautiful, I would love to come back here one day to explore this place properly and not from the bedroom window or the bus window. Once we finished at Vienna we headed towards Budapest, Budapest was beautiful with wonderful architecture although besides some shopping and sight-seeing we took a bath at the health spas which was a nice change from the hectic schedule we were on.  That’s all for now, will update next week with more info on the trip, last entry which covers Poland to Amsterdam.

Sorry no photos this week, hopefully soon within the next few days.


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