Lautenburren to Nice

Hi guys,another update from Europe. Last I left you I was in London and Paris. Since then I have travelled to Lautenburren in Switzerland, a beautiful quaint and quiet town surrounded by snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and a surprising amount of cows. I really enjoyed this place for it’s frendly people and beautiful natural scenery which was truly a wondrous sight. I went for a 6 hour trek and it’s not for everybody how ever if you feel up for the challenge I highly recommend it. Lautenburren is a very small town so if you simply ask the local tourist centre they will point you to the mountain tracks which are very easy to walk. After Lautenburren we went on to Nice in the French Riviera. We managed to walk around the town, take in some of the sites and have a drink at some local bars/pubs. Nice is very nice (no pun intended) with lovely stone beaches, towering old buildings painted in an array of desaturated colours such as coral and dark turquoise with cobble stone floors and a maze like structure which makes it fun and exciting when you are exploring and looking for either a local market or some local events and what not. From Nice we went to Cannes, a place famous for the Cannes film festival held every year. We went on a Sunday quite early so unfortunately a lot of things weren’t open yet, however there is a nice array of shops mostly brand goods such as Gucci, Dolce Cabana, Loui Vuitton and other high class brand names. Besides the shops the beach is beautiful offering sea side dining with a view, sun chairs for those who like to bask in the sun, ice cream, crepe and sandwich stands offering the hungry passerby a treat and the lovely locals participating in activities with family and friends. During the night we were taken to Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, famous for it’s casino’s and a celebrity hotspot and high rolling gamblers. Monaco was good however I can’t say much about it as we were only there for a few hours but gambling was fun, but don’t over do it as it’s quite easy to get carried away with the atmosphere. We are currently now on our way to Florence Italy so will stop with the typing for now and will update with more on the trip later on.  For now I shall leave you with pics from my hike.  The scenery changes dramatically as it only begins to snow a little bit into the trek.  Enjoy 🙂


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