WACOM inkling, mini ‘tablet’ on the go

Hey guys,  something different for a change besides the photography, illustration and food stuff.  I’ll be discussing the latest creation to come out of WACOM called the “Inkling”.  Now for those who aren’t familiar with WACOM, SHAME ON YOU!! No I’m just kidding.  Wacom for years has been creating “Tablet’s” for artists, designers, photo retouchers and etc.  It’s a nifty tool for those who like to create artworks using digital means such as Photoshop as an example to create works of art with out your usual pen and paper or what ever medium you like to use.  So what is an inkling exactly, well to save alot of explaining I’m going to post the ad here so you can see for yourself.

So first off I KNOW RIGHT?!?! isn’t it cool!!!  A gadget that allows you to record your pen strokes from your sketch pad onto the computer straight away!!  Ok now that the initial excitment is over time for the nit picking.  If you are a long time WACOM user such as myself then you will be hella picky about things like pressure sensitivity, continuity of strokes, pressure width and other options like that.  I admit I was incredible excited and happy to just throw my money at WACOM and be all grabby hands for the inkling however I’m a little doubtful of all of the above concerns that may result in a ‘it sorta did capture it but not exactly’ kinda result.  First off I haven’t got one yet, I wish I did but I don’t :(, I’m simply expressing concerns I have about the Inkling before I purchase it, which will most likely happen :).  It’s main purpose is a simple sketching tool, I don’t expect to get a quality finished artwork from it but that’s it’s general purpose which is darn fine for me.  I looked at several reviews and tests, often and unfortunately in another language but so far by the looks of things the pressure sensitivity may cause an issue.  It all still records fine enough but not 100% from what I’ve seen so far.  For those that are incredibly picky with even their sketches or those that work in pencil only this may not be for you, however if you’re more than happy to scribble out your ideas and don’t mind some details missing from your sketch then by all means get one.  Another nifty option that the inkling offers is not only can you save your sketch in multiple formats but apparently you also have the option of saving it as a vector.  Now this is great and all but it seems kinda pointless.  As a graphic designer vectors are usually finished cleaned artworks but as a sketch I just don’t see a purpose of having that as an option to saving it as a vector.  It’s handy and it’s good that it’s there but in my opinion what’s the point.  This is solely my thoughts on it, I’m sure there are many vector artists out there armed with pitch forks and torches screaming blasphemy at me as we speak.  But yes you never now I’ll probably eat my words after I get my hands on one and test the baby out.  But until it’s released here in Australia I’ll just have to wait and cry whilst every other place is having fun with theirs :(.  In the mean time I’ve provided a link so you can see the ‘Inkling’ in action.  Check it out and see for yourself and I’ll be back with more posts soon :).

Part 1

Part 2


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