Chocolate Rush Festival

Where do I begin with this Chocolate Festival?? Well I guess I’ll just cut to the chase and say that I will definitely not be attending next years one.  Why all the negativity so quickly??  First off trying to find this place is a feat in itself, located somewhere at the back of Docklands with no clear signage what so ever to show you or guide you where they are located you’re reduced to asking random passer-by’s or wander around aimlessly.  It takes at least 10 minutes to walk there from the nearest tram stop and once you get there the setup is not very impressive.  Once you’ve paid your ridiculously priced ticket (full price is $30) you walk into a desolate area with about 4 or 5 stalls offering their goods to you for the right price.  The stall vendors looked like they’d rather be some place else along with some other festival goers who looked as equally unimpressed as I did.  With the purchase of my ticket I was expecting a show bag with info, free samples, vouchers or something but you don’t recieve anything, instead you have to pay more if you’d like a bag.  Once you enter the main area there are stalls littered irregularly around with most of the stalls not offering any free samples and if they were they were very reluctant to hand them out.  The festival offered some free shows but most of them or the ones that I attended where more interested in plugging products they used instead of techniques on how to actually make chocolate.  After wandering around the festival hoping to salvage some positive experience from this whole outing my hopes continuously decreased as I looked around the remaining stalls and the whole setup.  The setup resembled a fish market, tacky white tents with their products for display in a what seemed like a big storage block where you kept your ugly ships so that the surrounding nice looking areas won’t be marred by the sight of it.  Frustrated with the whole experience I was tempted to stay but boredom got the better of me as you could finish up the whole festival in 20 minutes walking at a slow pace.

row 1 of choc festival

row 2 of choc festival

The whole experience left me disappointed so I needed chocolate and I heard from some other people who had been to the festival (passerby’s who I asked trying to find the place) that you recieve some free chocolate once you leave but you have to ask for it or else they won’t give it to you.  So with a grumbly tummy and my $2 dollar piece of complementary chocolate I left the festival $30 dollars lighter and 3 times more bitter.

For those that did enjoy the festival that’s great, I think it would have been good for those that went to the paid classes or paid tastings but for those who entered under general admission like myself I think the experience is alot more disheartening.  I really did not enjoy this festival due to the fact of what exactly am I paying for? I’ve just spent $30 to buy chocolate which I can do FOR FREE at their store.  And learn about chocolate???  Even that didn’t happen, the only thing I remember from the shows is that they use the product mixmaid or maid mix or something along those lines.  If you did go to the festival and you did have a good time please tell me because I want to believe this festival was a success that maybe I went during a bad time or Sunday was just a bad day cos come on it’s a chocolate festival!!  I should be happy and not bitterly disappointed so hit me up with your opinions if you did go and tell me all bout your experiences good or bad.  To finish it all up here’s some snaps from the day.

These ladies talked more about their great kitchen aid then their actual skills

Chocolate sculpture

A gallery of chocolate

A rare find!! samples of chocolates


3 Responses to “Chocolate Rush Festival”

  1. 1 Chisa 24/08/2011 at 11:16 am

    That sucks! It sounds like Sefie had fun (I saw your comment on her post), but it could be because the paid event part made it worth it. $30 is a pretty steep entry fee for something with no free samples! I would have assumed it would be like the Good Food and Wine Show, with tastings everywhere and interesting, hard-to-find or local stuff on show.

    • 2 reclog 25/08/2011 at 2:29 pm

      Yeah thats what I was expecting as well, but it was really cut throat, if you hovered around any stall they would instantly pounce on you to buy their products which I really didn’t like. I think alot of people were expecting free stuff as well as the stall vendors were really grumpy or reluctant to hand out free samples. It sounds rather cheap to always be looking for free sample but I felt incredibly cheated with my money so I wanted to get something out of it

    • 3 Sefie 27/08/2011 at 12:56 am

      Wow, it must have really wound down by the time we left. Most stalls had samples out (just grab stuff off the plate), but about mid-morning all the families with super-huge prams and screaming toddlers had arrived. So maybe that had something to do with the lack of samples. Though I agree with you, the tents outside did give a very “… whaaaa?” feeling because NONE of them had anything to do with chocolate!

      I reckon if I wasn’t buzzed off alcohol and chocolate, it would have been a different story for me. Also I’m a kitchen gadget geek, so I was drooling over all the mixers and EQ as well. What a bum that Sam didn’t have fun 😦

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