Photo shoot with Lolita’s and Annie

Hi guys, just an update on a recent photo shoot I did with the local lolita’s of Melbourne.  Here are some shots of the day with annie playing make up artist to some of the lolita’s.  To see more please go onto my flickr site to see some of the shots from the day here.

Unfortunately since Annie was playing make up artist for the day she didn’t have hardly anytime to shoot her own lolita outfits  😛 so instead we elected another day to do the shoot.  Here are some shots from another studio.

Had a lovely time as always with the loli’s and am looking forward to doing more shoots in the future.  I must admit I was quite nervous since it was my first paid shoot and with more than one model, but in the end I think everyone was satisfied with their photographs.


2 Responses to “Photo shoot with Lolita’s and Annie”

  1. 2 Dila 23/08/2011 at 1:20 am

    good work 🙂

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