Macaron Review – Cupcake Family

Hello first macaron review EVER on this blog.  I’ve found myself going to alot of places and sampling their macarons and whilst some are very good, others were a bit of a let down.  I know I would have liked a macaron review page instead of me sampling a whole lot of different macarons and spending a whole lot of money finding out which ones are good, which ones are great and which ones are not just worth it.  So here it is, my macaron reviews for those who don’t eant to spend money or time looking for them.

So Cupcake Family Macarons:
Whilst having flavours you don’t usually get with your traditional macarons such as green tea and black sesame the texture, taste and fragrance of the macarons are great.  My favorites are the green tea and black sesame macarons, which traditionally are asian inspired flavors, sampling these flavors in a variety of different desserts, Cupcake family has succeeded in preserving the taste and even the fragrance of the ingredients in their macarons.  The shells are crispy on the outside and cracks to a lovely soft inside, and the fillings melt into a beautiful molten liquid of buttery flavorsome goodness. The macarons are all equally portioned so theres no random big ones or small ones and the texture of the macaron shells are consistent and not varying in quality between flavours.  However if I was to poke holes at anything unfortunately the consistancy of flavour and fragrance does sort of hit and miss.  Whilst some flavours such as the green tea really kicks things off, everything in harmony the whole shibang, some flavors unfortunately don’t really hit the mark.  Their blueberry whilst still tasty was coloured this bright blue which sort of put me off and made it look very artificial and not particularly palatable.  Also unlike some of the other macarons did not have the fragrance in the shells as did some of the other.  One thing about these macarons, their shells were all different, if you’re confused what I mean to say is that every shell variates for each flavour of macaron.  Say the strawberry for example, it has the fragrance of strawberry in the shell and the filling itself tastes like strawberry, same goes for the black sesame or the green tea and other flavours.  However the blueberry shells smelled ordinary and the same goes for the filling.  So unfortunately some hits and misses there, BUT still incredibly good compared to other place which I have been to.

Another good thing about Cupcake  Family is their deluxe macarons.  Now what is a deluxe macaron you asked?  Well it’s a macaron but with extra fillings inside.  There’s raspberry white chocolate for example, a macaron with a white chocolate cream filling with raspberries in them.  At first I highly doubted that this would taste great, I mean was it really necessary to add more to an already perfectly good dessert snack.  With my doubts I bought one regardless and tried my luck.  MY GOD!!  it was brilliant!!  The lovely luscious cream combined with the crispy texture of the shells then refreshing your palette with the lovely tart raspberries leaves you incredibly satisfied and slightly refreshed.  It was a good combination to have and I’ll be definitely going back for more to try all their other deluxe macaron combinations.

My overall opinion, whilst better than Laurent or Brunetti’s, Cupcake Family would be my way to go when it comes to quenching your macaron cravings.


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