High Tea review – Botanical Gardens

High Tea Review: Botanical Gardens

The place is in a good location (inside the Botanical Gardens) right beside a lake with a beautiful view of the of the garden grounds.  The venue itself is quite large offering outside and inside options of where you would like to sit.  Ambience doesnt really offer anything spectacular, mostly ordinary looking it’s statement seems to be eat and leave and has the bare essentials to make the place look slightly more upmarket.  The tea sets we recieved were cheap looking like something out of a childrens tea set party and most of the plates were dirty with brown flecks of god knows what.

Our table was extremely large, and usually thats a good thing, but not when you have to literally shout across the table to make yourself be heard.  Waiting time was about an hour before we finally recieved our food and I must say for the price ($75) I was not impressed.

We were offered a 3 tiered tower with a variety of quiches, sandwiches petite four cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and scones.  The sandwiches were stale with some strange combinations for fillings such as a green bean, salmon and what I thought was artichoke.  The petite fours looked like they were bought from a supermarket cake section and cut into fancy tiny squares, even the little pastry filled cups tasted old and weren’t anything to scream about.  The strawberries were very good, coated in a thick coating of dark chocolate, the quiches were quite abundant however like everything else tasted stale and were cold. The scones, even though not warm where still passible had 2 types, one which had raisins through it and the other just your plain jane scones.  They offered a ridiculous amount of cream and jam, which im usually all for because u always tend to run out but really the amount of cream and jam we had, it basically filled a large bowl.

By the time we were half way through our food we were quite parched so we wanted to know if we could start recieving our tea.  To our shock the waiters said that we were only allowed one cup of tea and that the only choices we had were peppermint, earl gray, english breakfast, and jasmine.  With only one cup of tea allowed and with such a limited selection the whole experience began to thoroughly disappoint me.

My overall thoughts of this high tea experience was sheer disappointment.  This place was a great venue, absolutely beautiful and is a prime location for things like a high tea. I can forgive the mediocre settings and furniture, and even the large tables which you had to practically sprawl over to reach your food or scream across if you wanted to be heard, but with the food quality, small selection of teas, dirty cutlery and plates, long waiting times and only one cup of tea I seriously do not recommend ever going to this place for high tea.  There are alot more better high teas that will give you more value for your money and that will offer you a greater experience.

3 tiers, top sweets, middle scones and bottom savory

This bowl had at least 5 large scoops of cream in it

brown little flecks of god knows what on the plates

cold and stale quiches


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