High Tea – Dolls at the Mount review

Just last week I was invited to high tea for a joint birthday celebration at “Dolls at the Mount” located in Heidelberg. I have been to quite a few High Tea’s before and some are very memorable whilst others I would prefer not to revisit. This week, just as something a little different I have decided to do a mini review on this latest High Tea experience, hopefully this will be informative to all of those who are interested in High Tea or for those who would like to give it a go. If you haven’t done High Tea before I would highly recommend it, especially if you are a huge tea fan and a big sweets lover. However if you prefer coffee and savory items I would probably give high tea a miss. Anyhoos onto the review!!!

A little house located in Heidelberg near the train station in a relatively quiet and lovely neighborhood. Upon arrival you will reach the house but unlike other high tea places I have been to you will have to knock for access as it is not, or at least doesn’t seem to be open to the public. Reservations are highly recommended as the place is relatively small, however since it is small you are guarenteed top notch service from the lovely ladies who run the establishment. Service is quick and polite, the ladies making sure you are well provided with tea, however the range of tea is a little restricted with your basics such as your earl greys, english breakfast, peppermint and a couple more variety’s. The decor in the house is absolutely wonderful, each person gets their own cup, YES your own cup and the teasets are all different so no tea cup is the same which I found very cute AND handy so you don’t mix them up (we were in a big group), even small things like the sugar bowls which had hints of pink sugar through it, nice touch. After you’va had a lovely chit chat amoungst yourselves on comes the finger food such as small sandwiches, fillo pastry filled parcels, and sausage rolls are distributed, all piping hot and fresh from the oven.  Servings are just right wetting the appetite then on comes the sweets. The sweets are amazing with an array of cupcakes, meriengues, caramel scrolls with cream and much more. Just when your almost full out comes the most amazing scones I have ever tasted at a high tea (well at least in my opinion). they are soft, warm, delicious and sprinkled with icing sugar, provided with ample amounts of cream and jam which you can slather on with delight, YUM! Like I mentioned earlier this place is rather small and runs on bookings so unfortunately once you’re done you will have to move along for the next lot of customers. Overall though an absolutely wonderful experience! It’s quaint and small and a little old fashioned but thats all part of it’s charm, pricing wise it is emensely worth it, honestly for the price I was expecting alot less but recieved so much more. Besides the great service and delicious food and tea there is also a doll small doll museum in the shop, so if you enjoy an antique collection of dolls then this is the place for you.

I hope you enjoyed the review, please see below for pictures of all the delights ‘Dolls at the Mount’ has to offer.  More pictures located here on my flickr site.


joint birthday girls Lilly and Annie


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1 Response to “High Tea – Dolls at the Mount review”

  1. 1 Annie 31/03/2011 at 3:59 am

    Oh Sam, you’re just a bundle of fun! I’m so glad you came to our party and this is such a great review.

    I’m a little biased, but that very last photo in this entry is adorable ♥

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