KPOP lollipop shoot FINALLLYYY!!

Hello, for those who have followed the last few posts of this blog over the past couple of weeks I have been organising a kpop shoot with a couple of friends of mine.  GOOD NEWS it all went really well, we hired a studio, got the lighting set up, prepped models with make up and got them into their outfits and thus fun ensued!  Shout outs go to Elias Lopez for finding the studio and doing the awesome lighting setup.  Our make up artist the one and only lovely Celina from fablesinfashion who is always great to work with.  Annie for make up and styling tips for out fits. And last but not least the great models who offered me their time and patience and allowed me to shoot them, thanks again to Magdeline, Hitomi and first time male model (for me) Mitchel.  Here are some pics from the day and also besides shooting KPOP we also shot annie’s latest dress design for the Loreal Fashion festival.  A dress that  was to be submitted to the exhibition which I will post a few images of next week and will give you the low down of the events on the night.  Here are a few snaps from the day, you can see the complete collection here at my flickr site.



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