New art posts and SMASH

Hello, just a quick update with some artworks I’ve been doing in the past few weeks getting ready for SMASH.  For those who have read my previous post you’ll know what SMASH is but for those who havent, SMASH is an annual event celebrating manga, anime and pop culture in japan.  I’ll be attending this year again but this time I’ll be selling my artworks and other little nick nacks at my stall with fellow perthian chisa.  Our table is called Samee and Chisa so if your in Sydney and attending the con be sure to come over and oogle at our wares or if not come by for a chit chat.  I’ll be updating with more later this week in the mean time check out some of the artworks I’ve done so far.

Zuko and Katara from 'Avatar the last airbender"

original art


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