Helpful sites for fashion photographers

Recently did a photoshoot for some cosplayers and I had a really great time, however upon discovery there’s more to doing photoshoots than just taking a nice picture.  Theres composition, colour, lighting an all that hoo ha that makes a good picture good.   So I have been doing some thorough research in the last week into styling, clothing, make up, and trends both in fashion and photography techniques and came across a few sites that may help all the amatuer photographers out there.

The first one I found was called LOOKBOOKLOOKBOOK is as they describe it a collective fashion consciousness.  It’s a website dedicated to showcasing global trends from around the world.  not only that but people showcase they’re own personal style on this site.  From high fashion to vintage to the just cute and quirky this site is great for when you just want something different.  Not only is the fashion inspiring but there are some great fashion photography.  So if you have a chance definately check this site out at

The next site alot of people may know about already but i’ll post it up just in case,  the site is called Model Mayhem and it specializes in linking models to photographers or the other way around.  Not only do they link models and photographers but you also have stylists, make up artists and hairdressers as well.  They are global so no matter where you are they’ll have some one in your state.  Definately a site you need to look at if you need any of the above for a photoshoot, so take a look yourself here at

Also on a final note, been making mock ups of some product photography and have been playing around with styling, so I’ll leave you with my first of many style guide mock ups.


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