Sam Sunday

Action packed this Sunday.  Haven’t had alot of time to go about melbourne and explore lately because of job and what not but managed to fit all those missed weekends into one power packed sunday.  Were to begin??  First thing went to the Armageddon Sci-fi and Pop Culture convention, VERY AWESOME!!  Lots of cool people, cosplayers and geeky nerds who all knew about the 80’s cartoons and adult swim stuff like robot chicken and harvey birdman,  SPEAKING of robot chicken, the totally awesome creators and writers were there at the convention!!  Seth Green, Matt Senreich, and Tom Root, all hail the funny guys.  Also on another nerdy note Dante Basco was also there.  For those who aren’t familiar with Dante Basco he’s an actor as well as a voice actor for several popular cartoons and has starred with the big shots such as Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Antonio Bandares and more.  He voiced the popular character ‘Zuko’ on a cartoon called ‘avatar: the last airbender’ which is currently being made into a live action movie, directed by none other than M.Night Shyamalan.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see him but on a happier note I did get to wear this.

Storm Trooper Sam

Storm Trooper Sam

That’s right!  Some nice Storm Trooper Lent me his helmet to wear, I tell you those things are huge and you can hardly breathe in those things, new respect for the storm troops in the movies.  After all that went for walkies along the Crown Casino, had an insanely good lunch, I can’t remeber what it was called by my goodness good stuff.  Had a juicy lamp rump, served with a bacon and leek sauce, ACTUAL bacon and leek!!  and next to it a pomme de terre, translation a tower of thinly sliced potato stached atop one another.  After that I took a detour to the Arts Centre Sunday market where I met a man who had his own chocolate for 17 years!!!  And golly it shows it!!  Beautifully crafted chocolate with an equally beautiful flavor.   Saw some incredibly talented artists, especially potters, my goodness the glazes on these pots are something else I tell you especially this one potter called Dean Smith a very nice gentleman who has a real passion and understanding of his art.  Check out his amazing ceramics on his website  After all that went to the NGV gallery and had a little snoop around then around 4 called it a day.  All in all very fulfilling and the most I’d been out in a few weeks.


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