New necklace, new camera and new TRAILER!!

Hi guys! Another day another blog. Went on the usual walkabout frequenting my fav places, one of them being Brunswick street and there I found this really adorable necklace, crafted by a local australian artist based in Tasmania. It;s by an artist called cat rabbit and you can check out her works at her website She’s got some amazing and absolutely adorable toys and jewelry.

My new necklace! Rabbits at War

My new necklace! 'Rabbits at War'

Not only that but I also got a new digital camera for those quick pics, just in case, for references and study. And last but not least ASTRO BOY trailer! I loved astro boy as a kid and found out quite a while ago that they were making a 3D version of it. I usually don’t like remakes as it usually ends up being quite bad and destroying my childhood memories but i saw a scene and a trailer and i’m actually looking forward to it. You be the judge and check it out yourself.


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