Salvador Dali exhibition

Just went to the Salvador Dali’s exhibition currently being held here in melbourne at the art gallery, all I can say is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I can’t believe I hadn’t become a fan of Dali’s work sooner. Whilst I found his work quite weird and almost even a little scary I couldn’t help but fall in love with his use of colour, odd imagery and symbolism that was portrayed in his work. Dali is amazing! I thought he only did paintings but through out the exhibit you also find out he did photography, short films, jewelery design and set designs for ballet and one of hitchcock’s films. The highlight for me of this exhibition was a short film, a collaboration between walt disney and Dali himself. I’ve posted the youtube vid above so you can check out this wonderful animation for yourself. A little history about this animation is this was actually in the works close to fifty years ago and hadn’t been released till 2003. It revolves around the tale of chronos and how he falls in love with a mortal woman. For those that are familiar with Dali’s works you can see alot of his iconic trade marks he uses in his own works in the animation such as my fav scene with him riding his bike with the bread attached to his head. Another highlight was the awesome jewel that was designed for the queens coronation, a jeweled beating mechanical heart nestled in a gold heart with with a crown a top of it, it wasn’t there in real life but just the video of it was awesome. Creepy, BUT AWESOME!!!


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